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Morning Verses With Mike
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John 3:33 (NLT)
‘Anyone who accepts his testimony can affirm that God is true. ‘

Simple. Straight-forward. Jesus has come to earth from heaven. He is the source of spiritual truth. From the prior two verses Jesus brings the ultimate knowledge, he is the teacher of teachers. Even though many people don’t accept that fact. Even today, many people have a tough time just having real faith and accepting that Jesus is the light of lights.

There are people now – you may be one of them that has a tough time accepting Jesus as fact, that’s ok. I ask, how do you prove a theory such as gravity – you don’t, let an object drop and gravity is the name we give the phenomenon. When we have faith, we let go of our feelings and emotion and sometimes miracles take place, and God is the phenomenon. The message is that even if you can’t see it with your eyes. Faith lives.

Love unconditionally, because that is the root message throughout the Bible.

It reaffirms God as truth.

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Morning Verses With Mike

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