Jesus Christ’s Life Story Christian Animated Cartoon Movie)

Dustin Dominic

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  1. Cucumber Sponge says:

    I CAN SEE!!!! I CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!
    ~some guy 2017

  2. Neba Nfor Sylvester says:

    i am so interested in the movie and i want you to please show me how to download it

  3. ramesh vishwakarma says:


  4. قناه سوريا كفربهم كفربو says:

    مسيحي سوري افتخر

  5. Isabel Summers says:

    I want more video of animated hero classics and Animated Bible story

  6. Katarina Milenković says:

    Jesus ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Emerald-Pumpkin says:

    I hope everybody knows that Jesus Christ has nothing to do with Christmas.

  8. Shreeyansh Rai says:

    When Jesus said that we can either love money or God then why we are still loving money????

  9. Hajara Farhana says:

    nice story. No one. cannot. dislike. this. video

  10. ester kirstina untung says:

    nice is video

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  13. Hev Marnovas says:

    Praise God!!!! Jesus is my King and my Lord!!

  14. Pearly Anne Vacarro says:

    Wow meron pa lang ganito

  15. Samson4G says:

    They left out the MOST important part of Jesus' life, the institution of the Holy Eucharistic Lord, in the Living Bread. !!! wow…

  16. Isabel Summers says:

    I want more video book of Mormon.

  17. Firealem Eshahneber says:


  18. Chandrakant Chandrakantsom says:

    praise the Lord

  19. Nicholas Flamel says:

    Here's a touching story. An incompetent god made a "perfect garden" and put two innocent humans in it who did not know good from evil. He then put temptation right in the MIDDLE of his "perfect garden", and then let evil crawl right into his "perfect garden" to temp the innocent people. When they did what he KNEW they would, he then blamed THEM for doing what he set them up to do, and punished them with pain, suffering, and death. He held their "guilt" against every other subsequent person who had nothing to do with their transgression.

    He then drown practically the entire world because his creation had gone SO wrong he was mad at it. He saved a few people who he admired, and that didn't work either. Eventually he impregnated a 13 year old virgin girl with himself and then caused a stir until people killed him so he could die as a human sacrifice so he could appease himself for a problem he himself created.

    What a sick twisted story.

  20. Naser taha says:

    I don't believe in Jesus

  21. Dauda Usman says:

    God did not want us to suffer. He sent his only son Jesus to come and die for our sun. thank u Jesus

  22. Dauda Usman says:

    I will show this movie to my daughter. great Love from God

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  24. Diana Robert says:

    I very love this story

  25. Dor fuller says:

    Children, please do not read the comments, because some of them are not holy, or proper for little people!!! Children, if you just happen to read the BAD COMMENTS, you will know it's bad, you will not feel happy, so, talk with your parents about the evil people on the earth! The SPIRIT OF LOVE, is what JESUS CHRIST is about, HE LOVES YOU! Sometimes grow ups do things wrong, it is called wicked, when they hurt other adults like themselves, and when they hurt little people, who are children such as yourself, on purpose! God will forgive them, only if they ask him to forgive them. Whenever we do bad things, we ask GOD OUR HEAVENLY FATHER for FORGIVENESS. But we try not to do the BAD, WICKED things, but if we make mistakes, we ASK GOD TO FORGIVE US, IN JESUS CHRIST NAME. If you believe this is true, then you finish your asking, that is called a prayer, with Amen, because we agree that GOD WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS, THAT JESUS SENDS TO HIM FROM YOU! HE will BLESS YOU FOR LOVING HIM AND HIS BELOVED SON JESUS CHRIST…. Little people, children, pray to GOD ALL OF THE TIME, IT IS GOOD FOR ALL OF US TO PRAY! GOD THE ALMIGHTY MAGNIFICENT FATHER, WILL BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS, even people who are sick, like who write bad comments, messages! BE AS GOOD AS YOU CAN BE!

  26. Justin Blake says:

    awesome but where is the crucifixion

  27. Ryan Vlogs says:

    jesus movie=I love jesus

    muhammads movie=muhammad is a pedophile

    does muslims do anything to yall

  28. cyd thy kyd says:

    great movie

  29. Insanity Blogger Girl says:

    Okay who disliked this? I mean this is such a good story and its real!! Praise be to God!!

  30. David Seals says:

    Patricia tisdale I pray for you. I pray that the Lord will bring you to him soon. I really don't want you to miss His blessings and rewards.

  31. Cliff Baer says:

    anyone who buys into this crap is crazy.

  32. rachel richard says:

    Merry Christmas guys x

  33. matesha clark says:

    Jesus is lord

  34. matesha clark says:

    Jesus is lord