Jesus Christ Is The End Of Scripture – Part 4 (Hebrews 2:10-13)

There is a day coming when Jesus will host a homecoming for all those who
have loved Him in the here and now, are you ready?

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0:00 – Introduction
3:07 – 1. Because There Is No Greater Messenger
4:26 – 2. Because There Is No Greater Representative
8:04 – 3. Because There Is No Greater Guide
41:42 – 4. Because There Is No Greater Friend

Real Life with Jack Hibbs

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  1. Real Life with Jack Hibbs says:

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  2. Deonda Scoggins says:

    Great word! Explanation and description …

  3. D Berd says:

    Beautiful and a blessing!

  4. Tanya Wagener says:

    The hardest part of this is we can explain this truth to the deceived but we can’t make them accept or understand they personally have to make the choice my heart aches having people in my life who hear the truth see the truth and stay stagnant. I see God hastening after them so I pray what ever it takes Lord soften their hearts and light the fire for You within them. It is frustrating to see them busy their thoughts and lives with muck instead of earnestly, passionately filling it with God’s eternal truth

  5. Melvin Lelko says:

    What is this BS that "they gathered in one place" overshadows One of the COMMANDMENTS, the 4th, SABBATH ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? You are not guiding properly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. JVIDZ1 says:

    Dont worry about understanding , Jesus just wants you to choose HIM.. That is all, the rest will come but it starts with you.

  7. SB says:

    A) Jesus confirmed the covenant with the many spoken of in Daniel 9:27: (Gal 3:17 And this I say, [that] the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect) – first with the nation of Israel before His death, then with all the other nations upon His Resurrection.
    B) And He made desolate the Temple (of oblations and sacrifices) by first tearing the veil in two, then sending Titus and the Roman Soldiers to completely tear the Temple down.
    C) Until the consummation of all things when He returns at the Second Coming to reveal and destroy Satan: (2Thess 2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming)

  8. Kimberly Heath says:

    I would go one step further Jack, the hen knows when to call her chicks because the rooster (the Father) give the alarm for the hen(Jesus) to collect the chicks (children).


    I connect so well with this pastor. Wish I could live close enough to go to the church he pastors at.

  10. gray intheuk says:

    Actually a real friend out ranks a make believe friend and that should be obvious.
    A real friend could get your shopping, can your Jesus do that?
    Before anyone says anything about saving your soul, you need to demonstrate a soul, a Jesus, a heaven, a god, an afterlife and no one has ever even got close to that.
    We just have empty claims of unproven nonsense from someone else.

  11. Ricky Woods says:

    Thank you Jack HIbbs, for preaching the truth about Jesus, the Mighty God, and Yahweh, the Almighty GOD. And without Faith it is impossible to please Yahweh GOD, because the one who draws near to Him, "Must Believe" (the Book by Ricky Eugene Woods) that He Exist, and rewards those who earnestly seeks Him: Hebrews 11:6. Jack, Jesus Himself called His followers, Brothers and Sisters. Jesus is the first born of many brothers, and we all have one Father, Yahweh GOD. Jesus will again become subject to the Father when He restores everything back to Father Yahweh GOD: 1 Corinthians 15:24-28.

  12. Machteld May Dykstra says:

    Pastor Jack ,I thank the LORD for your anointing.

  13. Faye Smith says:

    In his image

  14. Dollah Musa says:

    For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the men Christ Jesus 1 Tim 2:5

  15. Wanda Skeens says:

    I think that the Bible, means this.
    B= basic
    I= Instructions
    B= Before
    L= Leaving
    E= Earth…
    Love and blessings to everyone. And
    Merry Christmas!!

  16. Mayra lee Ortega Koontz says:

    Wow pastor Jack this is so intense thanku so much thanku Jesus

  17. Melvin Lelko says:

    The FATHER and the SON are not co=equal !!!!!!! The FATHER created Jesus for a specific purpose ! The FATHER placed Jesus in HIS selected people, the Israelites, as a babe.

  18. Mary Bell says:

    I have been reduced to just hanging on at times dear Jack Gibbs, as you say we go through as Christians in a world loves it's sins so they lash out in hate towards us, believers. But the discouragement I get is from those who should love me, but my sister said you just think you're always right know everything and like no I don't it's jesus christ the lord God of the bible you better follow jesus christ. Not me but people think I'm some hypocrite cause yes I was sinner,forgiven by jesus christ. But now I don't enjoy those things, but they constantly drag me down in washing machine of accusations my husband says I'm delusional and believing in some ancient old book. But I tell him this is God's word .not what I say matters but only if it matches up God words and will be done in the savior's jesus christ name amen. Sorry don't mean go on guess I'm hurting a little and need prayers brothers and sisters in christ jesus love amen. Pray God may save my stubborn relatives I hope cause they need jesus christ and his love, maybe then they could love me, instead of rejection and put down me .but I still love them and may God teach us to love like jesus christ love ye one another as you love us jesus christ name amen.

  19. Mary Bell says:

    I really look forward to running to lord jesus christ I will fall at his feet to worship him cause jesus christ is coming back soon and I really long to be with him but I'm worried about the children I love them and want so much help them find savior jesus christ commit to God jesus christ name amen. But for me to live is christ jesus but to die is gain in jesus christ name amen. But is it more beneficial that we finish our race God set before us to run the good race, fight the good fight of faith in jesus christ name amen. Apostle Paul said it best in the bible.

  20. Mary Bell says:

    I love the example story about being a ship out at sea and bible are compass directions, and destination safe harbor is our master jesus christ the lord. Praise God father and son jesus christ and the holy spirit glory to God amen.

  21. Toni Rivas says:

    Is Jack Hibbs "Nar & Arc"? because he has speakers that are part of this belief?

  22. Forgiven Daughter says:


  23. Cindy Johnson says:

    More children then the pretty lights on the tree next to Pastor. Thank you for always preaching the truth the compass God gave us.

  24. Anita Suchanek says:

    Heaven.. not Heavens

  25. Frank Carpi says:

    My pastor calls us "dear ones" not you guys. I love you pastor Jack, but is there any way that you can work on changing the way you address the congregation? Beloved, friends, children, anything more endearing would sound better than you guys. And did you ever consider what the women think about being called guys? Enough said, God bless you and your ministry, and Merry Christmas.

  26. Julia Pom says:

    As we live over seven thousand miles away (therefore ten hours ahead of you) we have to watch the Wednesday night meetings on Thursday. I wonder if you can imagine my great disappointment when, yesterday, and today, it was not on the list of the Media Centre of CCCH, I thought Pastor Jack had not preached! It was only through a friend on Facebook that I was able to see that he had preached. Please 'Media Centre' don't do that! Or, in this case, NOT do that! There are some of us for whom CCCH is the only 'church' we have.

  27. Paul Gerard says:

    Money grabbers like this bloke have been saying Jesus will be coming back for 2000 years. They forget he came back and did not stick around for long.

  28. Si Blessed says:

    Imagine what it feels like when you enter Heaven and Jesus standing there .With Jesus standing there with you.Wipes your tears from your eyes. And say to you . Well done good and faithful servant. And you go into Heaven here the sound of 1000.000 angels worshipping for the Throne of God.

  29. Carla Dean says:

    Good said feed my sheep not beat them. This is what feeding the sheep looks like. Amen.

  30. Pj Wood says:

    Thank you once again Pastor!
    I learn so much from your messages!
    I am not attending a church right now because the last 3 I have been one of those that walked away because the pastor was reading but it came across as his second job. No passion in him or the congregation.
    I feel so guilty not having a place to gather with other like minded Christians so I listen to every one of your services.
    I do gather with my husband and sister and we read and discuss the bible. We watch you on Youtube together. So as the bible has said"If two or more gather in my name" that gives me more comfort.
    I have made it my goal to visit as many churches in my area as possible until I find a pastor that fills me with God's word.
    Hope I am not wrong in searching this way.

  31. Ann Weidner says:

    Amen! There is only one person. Thank you Jesus.