Item Lesson – Are You Saturated Or Surrendered?

This is an object lesson employing a sponge and a bowl of drinking water to teach kids that Jesus has the energy to give you peace over any problem. The recommended scripture verse to strengthen the teaching is Isaiah 26:3


Display the dry sponge. Sponges are wonderful at soaking up spilled liquids like drinking water, milk, or juice. Squeeze the sponge to present there is no drinking water in it. Pour some drinking water on in and comment on how the sponge soaks it up and no drinking water drips out.

Sponges soak up drinking water properly, but they can only maintain so substantially. Dip the sponge in the drinking water till it is entire and maintain it out in entrance of the kids. Pour some drinking water on the sponge and comment on how the drinking water now operates off for the reason that there is no a lot more home. In get to get a lot more drinking water in this sponge, I have to squeeze out what is in it and begin yet again. (Show.)

For people of you who know Jesus as your Savior, if you’re not cautious, you can come to be kind of like this sponge. When complications arrive your way, you can “soak up” the complications by focusing your attention on them and not God. Factors like be concerned, worry, anger, irritation, and resentment will start off to make inside of you and begin to arrive out. The a lot more you feel about the complications, the a lot more they will effects your lifestyle in a negative way. You will not likely have peace, calmness, or persistence to offer with them and they are going to start off to consider manage of you till you get overwhelmed.

That’s not what God would like. In simple fact, he says in Isaiah 26:3 that God will hold you in great peace if your brain is stayed on him. God would like you to emphasis on him and not your complications. When you go by a problem, consider time to feel about how significant and impressive God is and remember the wonderful appreciate he has for you. Realize that his energy is accessible to you to assistance you with any problem you encounter. When you do have one particular, converse to God, but just before mentioning it, feel about how wonderful he is. He never ever modifications. God has the very same energy nowadays that he had when undertaking the miracles in the Bible. When you emphasis your attention on God, it’s kind of like squeezing the sponge.

Just for the reason that you emphasis on God will not suggest the problem routinely goes away. The problem will not likely ordinarily transform that swiftly, but what will transform is you. God will give you his peace and assistance take away worry, be concerned, or irritation about the problem. Remember, Jesus has the energy to give you peace over any problem you encounter. In get to get that peace, you have to emphasis on God and not the problem.

By Timothy P Brown

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