Islam Christianity Judaism, ONE GOD

Beriefly shows how islam is linked to the other two monotheisitic faiths and books despatched by GOD, ALLAH.

If you are interested in reading through The Holy Quran translated in to English i advocate a book referred to as “The This means Of The Holy Quran” by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, released by Amana Publications.
ISBN-10: 1590080254
ISBN-13: 978-1590080252

I have browse quite a few optimistic feedbacks about this book thats why i advocate it to non muslims who cant browse arabic to browse and have an understanding of what Islam is all about.


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  1. TheColonelKlink says:

    Jews, Christians & Muslims say a lot of things. It is what they do that matters.
    Such as, divide the world into warring camps, poison children against their neighbors, lie to humanity about the nature of existence, legitimize the appalling privilege of the wealthy & politically powerful & on it goes.
    Either you choose to be a good person & stand naked before God, or you consign your soul to the state-sponsored occult witchcraft that is religion.
    Religion is poison & the betrayal of humanity.

  2. Trish Mahamed says:

    @mslewp sorry but who think that mohamed peace be upon him is the Messah ? even tho your commment too old becuse we muslims already know that issa ( jesus ) peace be upon him is the Messah

  3. Stan Sandu says:

    • SandustanBrasov
    Today, setting the Israel aside and the Arabians of the other part, we must let mention and descendants to Esau, the twin brother of the Jacob; they born from Rebecca, wife of the Isaac. And at these brothers, God prophecy in Genesis 25:23: "Two nations are in the your womb. And two people it will separate at the emergence from the your womb, one will be more hard than the other one and the great(Esau) will serve the more small(Jacob)".

  4. justmar022000 says:

    Could you please tell me were you uploaded this video from? I'm really interested and would love to watch the entire program. I have tried to google it, but I'm not sure if what you have listed is the proper title. Thanks…

  5. Nayab says:


  6. lifelessperson1993 says:

    @tigersforchrist Muhammad peace be upon him, is the sucessor, of Isa ( Jesus) pbuh.

  7. Skyethur says:

    @justmar022000 me too I want to watch the whole video, have you found it yet?

  8. Hassan Ahmad says:

    I am a Muslim and bieng a Muslim that I suspect You are too it is not right to mock peoples Religion Or Race it is a huge sin in the Quran. Christianity is not from the devil it is a Religion from God the same God as Us and The Jews. It has Just been Corupted by Humans but has the same stories and and the same prophets and the same message to do Good

  9. Danyal Ansari says:

    If you are religious I respect you,but if you not GO TO HELL..!!
    I am a Muslim but I respect my both fellow religions Judaism and Christianity.Moses Jesus and Muhammad Peace be Upon You.

  10. DreamsofMajesty says:

    For anyone seeking the truth, please check out the scribd website that is listed on my channel.

  11. RRZ LFC says:

    Arabic: Allah
    Aramaic: Elah
    Hebrew: Eloh

    if we worship the same God..

    different prayers, etc.

    We(muslims) read the Quran in Arabic
    Christians read the gospel in Aramaic
    Jews read the torah in Hebrew

    That would be unique & PEACE!

    no HOLY WAR!

  12. Renu4UTube says:

    Is this the end of this video??? I can't find the second part

  13. RoboMo01 says:

    oh my ALLAH the kaaba isnt a temple

  14. Loki AMV says:

    Wishing people you know, literally, nothing about to go to hell; oh my, everyone must love you.

    I classify myself as an agnostic, meaning I am not religious. Would you care to tell me why you think I should "go to hell"?

  15. Kilo Wyrick says:

    This video has quite a few false facts in it.

  16. hamad henzab says:

    I can't believe i'm a Quraysh descended

  17. ►What r U Waiting◄ ☺◘♪☼ says:

    paulians isnt monotheist they believe in 3 god father son holy spirit notice that i said paulians cuz paulians doesnt following the path of christ the jews and muslims more close to belief of christ but jews rejecting christ and they distorted their believe with books like talmud and most of muslim doing the same with books like bukhari and muslim
    when jews cristian and muslims return their holy books which all them came from creator world can see the real meaning of peace.

  18. james c says:

    When his disease became aggravated, Muhammad became short of breath. He removed the cover from his face and said “May Allah curse the Jews. May Allah curse the Christians.”
    The Hadith

    Pray to Allah and kill the unbelievers
    The Koran

    With his dying breath, Muhammad said “May Allah curse the Jews and the Christians.” Muhammad was preparing the Muslims for what had to be done.
    The Hadith

  19. james c says:

    I saw three unclean spirits come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are the spirit of the devil which goes forth to battle God Almighty. An angel came down from heaven. He cried with a strong voice “Babylon is fallen. Babylon is fallen. It is the home of devils and every foul spirit. It is a cage of hate.” The beast was taken, and with him the false prophet, who had deceived many.

  20. james c says:

    Muhammad, on his death bed, gave the order to expel the infidels from the Arabian peninsula. The Hadith

  21. Plava Orijana says:

    We are all brothers in faith in One and only God, mighty and merciful…so respect each other…peace and tolerance!

  22. Black Pagan says:

    How many Millions has this One God killed in his name ? Proud, Arrogant, Hateful, Vengeful, Bullying and Merciless is this God yet you worship him.

  23. sonny reneau says:

    Ur leaving tje parts out thats tells u yo kill non muslims iver 100 times……all religions worship the same God as he us the Sun Gid u idiits……its all based on Astronomy and astrology ……youtube True Origins of Religion or Was Jesus Horus or Mithras or Dyonysis or Hercules or Buddha and many more. ….uts all based on the stars……

  24. bikerscout2012 says:

    The Abrahamic trilogy religions (Jews, Christians, Muslims) are ALL RESPONSIBLE for our modern day strifes! Abrahaminism is a DISEASE! The Jews control the monetary system. The Christians and Muslims continually FIGHT to gain control of Jew territory. It's all bullshit! They all worship the SAME GOD! It's all about stupid arguments about who is THE prophet. Religion is really dumb when you do your homework.

  25. The Frisian Karelian says:

    jesus said we are all gods children

  26. Shlomo Gidon says:

    We have three major religions in the world the first is Judaism which all three agree on…the second and third have jesus and allah as their god and all three are at odds. Now these three religions have been at odds since their inception. All three contend that their way is of the one supreme god. Which brings me to believe that the latter two are false. My reasoning is the ONE is complete and the other two derived from the ONE, which makes me believe they are man made.  But something has changed in the last decade or so….THE MOST HIGH has started to move mountain's before everyone's eyes. HE is calling HIS people home. The real Hebrews across the board are waking up young and old to who they are. So today we have a false people who knows the true religion, and two false religions with their own gods who the Hebrew people worship and love and have been for centuries and on the out-skirts looking in are the ones who are being woke up. It's amazing that man is continually repeating himself since the beginning and they haven't realized it yet. Especially the Hebrews ….we've always worshipped other gods ….but this time around we will no more

  27. Jack Moncion says:

    God said: believe in me or suffer eternal pain…but I Love You…you simple fools!!!

  28. james ohara says:

    Baby buggerers to a man, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels'.

  29. Gała TV says:

    Soo biutifoul

  30. Anime Pro Gamer says:

    I was born Muslim and I am Muslim but I still have to respect all the prophets peace upon them

  31. Andromeda says:

    ONE GOD… EHM. ONE RELIGION YOU MEAN. How come no one ever thought of it was once 1 religion and they splitted up in 3 religions? Same with cultures, countries etc. OFCOURSE it was 1 religion and 1 god! Maybe this research will take me a week or month untill i find the word, how it was called and in which time it was exactly. Still, even in the time of the internet, secrets of our true history are being kept and the same thoughts are just being promoted. They all come from the same region. People, wake up and THINK. 🙂 It's easier to controll people and set them up against eachother. It was always for the same purposes, money & power. Same as 2000 years ago, as nowadays.

  32. Rob Fox says:

    Islam denies Jesus as the Son of God, as the resurrected Priest of God, and as the true Messiah.

    Stop the lies!