Is GAWVI Good for Reach Records?

Today I discuss how Gawvi and Reach Records work together. P.S This came out before “We Belong”


►Intro Song:
GAWVI – God Speed (Ft. Andy Mineo & KB)

►Background Music:
GAWVI – Desire ft. Darrein Safron

►Videos Used
“GAWVI- Misadventures Tour Orlando After Movie”
“GAWVI – Late Nights”
“GAWVI – In the Water”

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My main purpose for this channel is to start discussion on christian topics and talk about social christian issues and political christian issues among other topics that affect Christians whether its false teachings/doctrine or topics of interest for the christian community.

David Livick

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  1. David Livick says:

    BTW this came out before "We Belong" so this is my opinion on his music up until then.

  2. Joshua Kajanga says:

    In we belong there are alot of christian concepts like steady, closer …

  3. The chosen 1 says:

    His solo beats are trash fr

  4. K Paul Gagnon says:

    I see that you are very respectful.

  5. The K-crae show says:

    I don't think gawvi should be with reach records

  6. ThatJesusMusic says:

    I actually like your videos & discussion whether for positive or negative. It's a good practice to discuss whether things are going forward or backwards & I'm thankful that you have videos where people can do that!

  7. Act29Productions says:

    you know andy says "make sure you WISH em 'God speed'", right?

    God speed basically means "Good day", but in the context of this song kind of means "drop the beat". Its for fun, and I think it was a clever song.

  8. Devon Kelly says:

    ok so yes they should glorify God in their music In my opinion. but I mean not every single song needs to be Christ centered it's okay to have songs without that.

  9. Code KEEM says:

    gawvi is an amazing beat producer but him as a edm artist is eh

  10. K_G nemo says:

    gawvi provides a HUGE help in terms of producing beats for reach records i mean you can hear it in any of trip lee,kb, andymineo songs. so I do think he is a Good person to have.

  11. Corbyn Fry says:

    Thanks for this David, I've been noticing the trend too, not saying it's necessarily bad music I mean there's definitely worse stuff to listen to. On the other hand though, I think that Christian HH rappers do need to step up their game.

  12. Dale Smith says:

    Why would any Christian (rapper or not) Not want to rep Christ always? I mean that's why we're here to glorify our gracious and amazing God and to tell the gospel to as many people in as many avenues that God allows. That's what Paul did was to live his entire life for the glory of God and that's certainly what Jesus did. I feel like christians are shrinking back from hearts and minds that are surrendered to God and his word.

    So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31

  13. Kademon Wheeler says:

    I love Gawvi due to the fact that people will also look at the songs he has produced which is the Christian Hip Hop and I think it just widens the horizon of that community. Also if only one of his songs talked about God that would be a victory for the kingdom. He actually had a few and that is how he reaches the world. I know people who are christians who love NF because not all of his songs are about Christianity. If they were all or even majority about Christianity then that would be a turn off for the world. I really appreciate your views though. Keep pumping out this good content

  14. alex gooch says:

    Gawvi doesn't have God in his music? You kidding me man? Have you heard "You Are?" How about "Closer?" He's definitely showing God in those

  15. nick jones says:

    You guys are all idiots

  16. DJ Magic Mola says:

    You don't Need to Glorify God Through Your Music! You Glorify God through your life! Living by example is important not your artwork. Gawvi is a great producer and I'm sure he is a great role model for Christians other wise he wouldn't be on Reach Records. But stop saying every Christian artist has to say God or Jesus in there lyrics cause it is not true. That is Commercialism not the Authentic Christian Way.

  17. jayni jackson says:

    Dude every song does not have to be about God and he does make songs that glorify God. Have u heard his song in the water, late nights, closer?! He makes song about his wife and just fun positive songs. Cmon man I know u smart enough to see how God is using this man. Jesus is in his music u just blind and trying to listen for him to actually say his name.

  18. nrgarcia1071 says:

    gawvi is making fun positive music for christians to jam to, I see no problem with that

  19. Johnny says:

    Why are people always limiting reach records. who ever said they can only endorse rappers. whats wrong with having an artist with a unique talent. its not like he's an atheist or something. if u know gawvi then u know his faith is ridiculously strong, rather that shows in his music or not. Lecrae, trip, andy, kb, tedashii, these artist don't mention god in all their songs so why are we patronizing Gawvi. just because he's an EDM artist?. at the end of the day, he's still a Christian artist.

  20. Reese Buckland Music says:

    You are getting subs like crazy. You will probably be to 500 in like a week

  21. KyleNoelMusic says:

    so mentioning the empty tomb and proclaiming that they rep Jesus isn't enough God in the song?

  22. 777Edub says:

    FIRST COMMENT!!! lol
    I write gospel rap lyrics and I never wanted money just wanted to make music to lead people to Christ but now a days it seems like especially in mainstream christian rap it has become more about numbers and less about spreading Christ's name, just like in the secular world.

    Side note I remember going to a 116 concert and Tedsashii and stayed back to actually witness to someone, Lecrae and the rest of them were out saying come on and that after about 15 mins or so had passed that they had to go…..Isn't the whole point of doing a concert to be able to witness to people afterwards and talk to them….not just do your show and bounce I understand you may have other places to go to but im just saying you should set time to share because im sure people will want to speak to you after