“Intelligent Faith 315” – Defending the Christian Worldview With Evidence and Reason

Pastor J. welcomes viewers to “Intelligent Faith 315” and explains the purpose of the ministry and the need today for Christians to be able to give a reasonable defense of their faith in Christ.


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  1. juanpeng says:

    instant subbed 🙂

  2. Nelis Ebersohn says:

    so, lets look at what a dino is. Its a reptile, and reptiles never stop growing until the day they die. So imagine a lizard that is 200 years or more old, you get a dinosaur. So after the flood they didn’t grow as old anymore and they died out. You also may have heard that most of the species of animals is extinct, well its the same reason. Traces of high oxygen have been found in the poles in trapped air bubbles in the ice. There is too much info to give in these replies. Research for yourself

  3. Nelis Ebersohn says:

    @crapazoid25 those are all good questions. 1st, God didnt kill the dino's, they died out because of the conditions after the flood. Let me explain that theory you have heard about: the earth was surrounded by a layer of water (ice?). That created a greenhouse effect, and the pressure of the "water cap" increased the oxygen levels on the earth. After the flood (the water from the "cap" falling to earth) the earth was very different than it is now, warmer, less oxygen, less food.