How to Pray / Model Christian Prayer Matthew 6 : 5-15

Master How to Pray / Prayer ( A Product for praying) Matthew 6 : five-fifteen Christian Lord’s Prayer


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  1. Bria Lotus says:

    Everytime I pray I put on this video as a guide to keep one on track when im praying. It's every awkward but it's an aid. It helps me just get in my zone.

  2. Veronique Not Veronica says:

    thank you! God bless

  3. FATKID101 says:

    Thank you x

  4. Shuo Yuan Shih says:

    Wait , what does it meant to listen to God's voice ?
    If there really a voice came out from no where .
    That will freak me out .

  5. Prophecy isLife says:

    I would like to say hallelujah, this video truly impacted my life. God Bless

  6. Ivan Chavez says:

    I felt so good

  7. lord MAXWELL says:

    I prayed I feel somthing within me

  8. Caden Roussel says:

    I feel different and I feel happy

  9. AwesomeGamerBoy says:

    Thank You God Bless

  10. Appearance :3 says:

    Hail Jesus <3

  11. A OMAR says:

    Yes it is nice I'm a Muslim Christian and atheist should know Allan is god the ONLY God! NO ONE IS LIKE HIM

  12. Jakuzi Gorero says:

    God is Good! I was praying and asked God to teach me how to pray. So after I'd finished a thought popped into my head and just suggested to me to search it up on YouTube and here I am. This was what I needed and prayed for, I also prayed for God a bit about the plans and purposes he has in store for my life and when I asked God to speak to me I saw a very vivid scripture in my head, Jeremiah 29:11, I looked it up in my bible and this is what it said,- Jeremiah: 29. 11. For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.- this gave me reassurance that God is listening and loves us and this is apart of my testimony I felt I had to share. I just love God soon much and I pray a blessing over those who read this and all the glory and honor goes to our God, Amen! thanks for reading guys (:

  13. RED FIRE says:

    Jesus is not god

  14. Demarea Wilson says:

    I don't pray often… but I needed this today thank you for sharing this with me Amen.❤

  15. koroush email says:

    Thank you

  16. Cory says:

    I guess god don't like me I cried I followed instructions I need him. I heard and felt nothing

  17. Mohmed Rshedi says:

    But Jesus is not a god

  18. Reyn Chia says:

    The one and only true God is Yahweh god

  19. Sarah Vivian says:

    OMG I can't stand fake Christians! And that's what these are! God wants all homosexuals to go to hell to burn for eternity. It says so in the bible. What about the verses about killing niggers and pro-slavery? How come there is no prayers here from the REAL bible? I am a true Christian and don't like this ruthless behavior they're promoting here. Sorry, disliking and reporting.

  20. Phanisamazinglynotonfire says:

    This was my first time praying. How do you know he hears you? How do you feel him?

  21. RED FIRE says:


  22. Eunice Saylor says:

    Yes, pray for me.. And all the ppl that read this.. And comment.. Amen

  23. sfdasfdasf says:

    Ive been saying prayers every night when i go to sleep and they dont feel very special, but when i prayed properly, let me tell you i felt a connection, something ive never felt before with god.

  24. Sarah Carter says:

    Amen, i.respect all pprayer but Jesus is a prophet not god, nobody know how god looks. love u all :-*

  25. Jamez Caldwell says:

    that felt good god

  26. anime gurl says:

    + intrigueinc plz pray for me and my boyfriend Seth kelone …I am having trouble right now and I want to help Seth have a good relationship with me I love Seth so much and I want him to give me a chance to help him I tried all I could ….but I think I need help from god also ….so if someone could get back to me soon on this and I would be really happy name is Brooklyn socia

  27. Jeremy I says:

    Please help with a prayer for me and my wife's marriage. We so desperately need it! Help ur father in heaven.

  28. Potato Productions says:

    Thank you, I'm only 14 years old and i pray every night and i don't feel like it was a proper and a really good way to do it. I just wanted to thank you again.

  29. Harmand Butafuoquo says:

    God doesn't exist.

  30. Tyler Kimberlin says:

    Thx god

  31. Alanna Gonzalez says:

    1. Moment of silence. close your eyes and allow God's presence to come. ask him to hear you and be with you as you talk to him.
    2. Praise God. Thank him for all he is.
    3. Praise God for the great things in you're personal life.
    4. Confess your sin. All all the wrong doings you've done. don't hold back. be aware and acknowledge what you've done. Need his forgiveness , say God I'm Sorry.
    5. Now spend a moment of silence listening to his voice. God speak to me.
    6. Pray for the needs of others. Pray for this person/people.
    7. Pray for personal needs. Talk to him about something you're struggling with. Something you're about to face . Say God i need you in this.
    8. Pray for his power to intervene in your life. God's will, and his plan. God intervene in this situation, in this need.
    9. Thank God for listening to you. For loving you. For taking care of you. Thank him for who he is.
    10. Say in the Name of Jesus we pray. Amen.
    **Remember that it's all about your relationship with Jesus. you should pray to him Everyday and put in your effort to create a special bond/relationship with him. He wants to be close to you, let him in.

  32. MJNKBACAGS says:

    I have been dealing with problems and this really helped me and if it wasn't for this I probably wouldn't be able to get through it

  33. salah musleh says:

    I'm muslem

  34. Abdi Yare says:

    why none of current Christians do not prostrate before god. that s zo wrong. the reason that prophet Mohammed p.b.o.h is being sent is to guide us all. know that Christian bible is changed so much.

  35. Abdi Yare says:

    muslims pray 5 Times a day. but the time of prophet Jezus they where allowed to pray less. NO alcohol. NO pig food allowed. girls must cover themeselfes. en thats exactly what Jezus teached the people. none of Them are done by Christians. think about IT my dear Christians.!!

  36. Trihodron 333 says:

    Can I pray 2 or 3 times?

  37. Trihodron 333 says:

    At 2:50 I don't hear God's voice but I know he is whit me in this pray.

  38. Ashlee Tucker says:

    thank god and will be in heaven because he always forgive

  39. marijkuuuh says:

    thank you god for telling me how to pray to you❤