How To Handle Disappointment | Pastor Steven Furtick

When things don’t go as planned, it’s easy to be disappointed. See why your disappointment doesn’t have to lead to a dead end.

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  1. Brandon Thedford says:

    So i have a question, and need some clairty, so if in the bible it says to ask in jesus name and believe and we would recieve, and if we believed with all our hearts and took the steps to get to said thing and it doesnt happen does that mean it wasnt in God's will for it to happen? And if things dont happen eventho we believed for it then what should we even ask for if everything is according to his will and its not gaurenteed that it will happen? Ive been struggling with this thought for a while and would gladly take some help to understand

  2. Lisa Herila says:

    Lord give me your Grace. To give more grace to those of the anti christ or lost. Father forgive them for they know not what they do or have done

  3. rachel ngulube says:

    Thank you so much , this word was for me to hear

  4. Jodi Barrett says:

    This message still blessings person after two years the power of the word of God!! God’s words are everlasting !!! Who so ever will hear let them hear!

  5. Laurie Jacques says:

    My husband is in the hospital with covid. This message comforts me as prayer teams are praying and lifting him before Jesus…..there may be a deeper answer than the physical healing we pray for. So, Jesus heal both the body and the spirit. Let our disappointment be transformed to faithfulness and gratitude!

  6. Angela Jones says:

    Please my bladder and bowels and everything else. Thank you!:-)

  7. Angela Jones says:

    please say to my bladder and bowels and everything else in my body.

  8. lifes sensational says:

    I'm going through alot i have occipital nerve damage I'm in pain I'm barley getting by but my faith in God is walking me through it..i keep pushing

  9. Agus Endarsa says:

    Its incredible and encouraging words, God Bless you Pastor…

  10. Avengers Edit says:

    Steven, if you are reading this after 2 years then let me tell you I have thousands of questions to ask to you about him ( our lord ) and sometime I feel confused and completely blank left without any clear answer and don't know ,when those questions will be answered? ,I think that I need a teacher ,well thank you for this vedio

  11. Noluthando Kolomba says:

    Here l was letting disappoint take over me thinking l am a alone but the message helped me realize alot. Thank you Man of God

  12. Tiva Damares says:

  13. myan ngullie says:

    Really pierced my heart… I screw up on lot of things..

  14. Kenneth Stephens says:

    Stop preaching to me. I'm obviously a waste of time. I understand why I'm alone now. I dont need to hear anymore about it at this point because it's doing more harm than good. You want me to try then why can't God give me a reason to try? Seems fair to me but it's really just whatever now. I'm done with religion

  15. Zoey byrd says:

    Your vid make me feel so much better

  16. Slumcode TV says:

    Thanks Bro, just watched this today and feeling very blessed by what Seen faith does to our lives. Sharing and watching more…..

  17. Patty Jtj says:

    Thank you

  18. Daniel Kavulano says:


  19. Robert Banker says:

    Sometimes you did everything you could have. Sometimes you cant go higher.

  20. Jessica Sarah Thomas says:


  21. Thina Nelo says:

    I just got rejected for a job I have prayed for and stayed up until 7am applying for. I’m so disappointed. I’ve prayed and cried to God about this. I need the strength to get over it.

  22. Peter Endyke says:

    All the jealous, selfish, abusive Christians that just want to hold you down and stop you from reaching your potential. The level of narcissism in society and therefore in church grows. Satan is heavily involved in the church. It is a magnet for broken, abusive people that hurt others. But just look up. That will solve all the church's problems. Yes look up and God will tell you how disappointed he is in what is happening all around you and that we all need to fight this battle with his help.

  23. Micah Andrea says:

    Instead i get upset with some people im just gonna be silent and watch pastor videos because i trust Gods plan and everything happens for a reason ☹️

  24. ProBalloonBoy says:

    I love watching these short clips at night to help me with life and how to get closer to god. I love really watching back the video and analyzing the message so I can add it into my life. So thank you pastor Steven Furtick your videos are definitely helping me sleep at night and building my faith and love of Christ! Amen!

  25. Mutaheer Ahmed says:


  26. ladyswift12 says:

    I just got rejected from a job I wanted because I didn’t do well in the test for it, and I was disappointed typed how to overcome disappointment on YouTube this came up and I believe God will restore me by taking me higher fixing in me my lack of self belief

  27. Ian Rutherford says:

    Looking for encouragement after a disappointment. This was the one of the only Christian message that popped up on YouTube. Lots on vibration s, the will of the universe, and medication for my soul. Thank you for preaching Christ and looking up!

  28. Wina Rhay says:

    Amen..God want to change me first

  29. Millennium born Nongsiej says:

    Thank you pastor I'm disappointed today your message bring me back to God….amen

  30. Fernando Jorge says:


  31. Lyra Lyle Gingos says:

    Thank you for being a vessel! I am disappointed about my studies. I started to think about quitting. I studied hard but it's still not enough. "Higher, higher!" hits me. I should not give up and should try harder. Thank you for the motivation! Thank you Lord for the lives of the people behind this video. May God bless you all!

  32. Bruce Copeland says:

    Joy Always comes,
    Let GOD take care of you. Been there and he restored my life, He will do that for you also.

  33. Amoon Dass Official says:

    hallelujah… can anyone tell me the background song when pastor Furtick is asking to share and thanking for watching… Please

  34. John Dyer says:

    Continual disappointment can ruin your life. You get to the point where you give up.

  35. Debbie Gonzales says:

    Ive just recently discovered u and I am njoying ur messages so very much…I really njoy the insites u give for the scriptures AND Ill do my best to apply them to my life!! THANK U!!

  36. Alas says:

    "Im gonna fix it in you before i fix it for you."

  37. Louis Davis says:

    I enjoyed the video thx

  38. Nadiya QT says:

    i was wanting more

  39. jahzlovesouljah says:

    Good preaching!

  40. Heidi Hany says:

    What I loved here:
    "go up…to higher level….climb over your disappointment"
    "look up, this ceiling will become a door if you dig through it"
    "beware…..disappointment would be the front door"

    "the greatest opportunities wouldn't be in the most obvious doors"
    "faith is attached to an action"
    "God would fix it in you, before fixing it for you"
    Learned a lot, thanks, pastor ❤️

  41. Johyn Smith says:

    Excelsior!!! Always higher. Forgetting those things which are behind…. I want that mountain!

  42. Maverick Gustavo says:

    Hi Pastor Steven, your sermons are really helpful on my journey with God. They confirm a lot of what I learn and am learning most if not all the time.

  43. Krystal Carter says:

    YES!!!! Get over it!!