How to Create Good Christian Online Careers


Creating good Christian jobs or careers is easy. The problem is that Christians are NOT created but "born again" sinners saved by grace. It's rather puzzling why someone would ask the "how to" question but some do.

Actually, you can make any career path Christian or focused on "right" living. The Bible tells us that NO ONE is good enough. Pushing in the wrong direction can cause more people to be "turned off" instead of being open to your witness.

Never forget that "what you say" is not nearly as effective as "what YOU do". Both your say and do carry a witness wherever you are. Take time to "think" about each word or action you take with clients, customers, co-workers, etc.

Your career gives you many choices to follow or lead. Online careers are no different than working offline retail or in a restaurant, a hobby shop, even a bodyshop rebuilding cars.

Employers should be challenged to do the "right thing" in dealing with employees as well as the business customers. Profanity stands out to most of us as a poor choice of words. Most users of profanity are short on vocabulary and wisdom.

Regardless of how "others" around you talk and act, YOU can take a different route in your career choice by showing respect, trust and belief in fellow employees. It's really hard for most of us to lose ground by our Christian faith.

Maybe the "outlaws" or some other gang members are so hardened in their spirits it would take a miracle to cause a change. However, with GOD, all things are possible. Two years ago in our church family it happened. 54 years of crusted hardness turned an "outlaw" into a christian and 2 years later he brings in his girlfriend for redemption.

Only Christ can lead the way. Any career path you follow can be Christian based and it's in your hands to turn a workstation, a boss, a fellow employee, your supervisor, even some of your customers onto a new way of life.

Understanding that it's the "little" things in life that makes a difference. A few signs of missing the mark … is the waitress 'giving' her friends "free" tea; customers willing to "accept" are cheating the restaurant owners of their profits.

You've witnessed it just as we have. Our challenge is to "walk the walk" knowing that your future is in the hands of God, not your boss. Have no fear doing the "right" thing wherever you are. Set the pace, live the Christian life and you'll never go wrong in your career.

By Don Monteith

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