How to Be a Person of Integrity

Compromise is a word that is so commonly used and practiced that many people think lying is the norm. The days of, “Your word is your bond”, seems to have disappeared, and now it seems as if we live by the saying, “The end justifies the means.” Integrity is now a byword and many have adopted the view that yea does not always mean yea and nay does not always mean nay. Indeed, compromise is the order of the day, regardless of how wrong the decision to do so may be. But please beware of the fallacy of this delusion. Right is still right and wrong is still wrong. And every choice carries with it a reward or a consequence. We cannot continue to practice lying and never suffer shame for those lies. And, given the fact that sometimes compromises are necessary and vital, the compromising of our values and morals should never, ever be practiced.

Compromise is good when a husband or wife decide to give up their own personal agenda and plans for each other’s. It is also a good thing when parents forsake or lay aside their own dreams so that their children can fulfill theirs.

Nevertheless, we should never compromise by doing things which destroy or damage our character for the sake of momentary pleasure or promotion. A woman or man should never sleep with the boss in order to get, keep or be promoted on a job. We should never lie in order to reach the top. Our desire to excel should never be at the cost of our integrity.

If we compromise our morals, then we have proven by doing so that we are not ready for real responsibility.

Lying is never good, not even the little white ones. Neither is stealing, or anything else can can only produce shame when it becomes public. Notice carefully that I said when, for things which are practiced in secret will always be revealed. It is only a matter of time.

So, how should we handle life’s situations, even when we seem to be at the end of our ropes and it appears as if lying is our only option and way of escape? Here are a few tips:

1. Realize that lying is wrong and should never be practiced.

2. Understand that when you are a person of honesty and integrity, you will always have a standard that you and others can respect.

3. If you maintain your integrity, God will stand with you because He is the God of Truth. If you are a lair, God cannot help you because He will never partner with a liar.

4. Learn the art of patience and persistence, and even when doors close in your face because you refuse to lie or do immoral things, keep moving forward and God will cause other doors to open.

5. Practice knowing when to speak and give your word and when not to do so. If you are not so quick to promise something, you will not have to be sorry for your decisions much of the time.

6. Do what is right, and do it because it is right.

7. Make it your habit to tell the truth. If you lie and lie, and lie still, you will develop the habit of doing so, and in turn find people of integrity, separating themselves from you. People do not enjoy others lying to them.

8. Let your word be your bond. Make sure that you speak the truth and then do what you speak.

9. Make sure to never compromise your morals, regardless of what is offered.

10. Hold yourself to high moral standards and others will realize that you are a person of great character and integrity.

By Sheldon D. Newton

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