How do I deal with difficult people according to the Bible?

We all have people in our lives that we find difficult. What does the Bible say about dealing with difficult people?

Within the church we have the example that is found in Matthew 18. But, beyond this; how do we deal with the difficult people in our lives?

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  1. Robin Norcross says:

    Thank you. Currently at my church there is a group of people that are bullying and causing continual upset. Prayers are needed.

  2. VeRiGood Life says:

    inhaleeeeeeeeeeeeee, exhale! Hooo!!! repeat 7x

  3. Vera Buen says:

    The Difficult People that give me a hard time are the ones that Need my Love the most. Thanks for Your Great Videos & i'm glad i Subscribe to Your Channel Thank You for Your Videos God bless You & Channel. Willing to make mends because i Cherish Friends & Relatives & Neighbors close & far from me but Even if i forgive the People that have hurt me does that mean we have to be buddy buddy or give it time to heal before Reconciling? There are Mean Spirited People that Twist God's Gospel Truth to mean many things Except God's Truth an i right about this? So does that mean a Christian's reward & blessing is our Enemies how we treat Them? Thank You for answering

  4. Kisha Lray says:

    One of the best videos on youtube! All praises to the Most High in Christ! Blessed are those who have ears to hear and also apply. Thanks for sharing!