How do crystals work? – Graham Baird

What makes crystals grow into their signature shapes? Dig into the atomic patterns and unique properties of crystals.

Many crystals have signature shapes— like the cascade of pointed quartz or a pile of galena cubes. Every crystal’s atoms have a defining feature: their organized, repeating pattern. The pattern isn’t restricted to minerals- sand, ice, metals and DNA also have crystalline structures. So what causes them to grow into these shapes again and again? Graham Baird dives into the unique properties of crystals.

Lesson by Graham Baird, directed by Franz Palomares.

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    Very nice video, one more thing though, at 1:31, the pic of the bottom right crystal should be rhombohedral (a=b=c, α=β=γ≠90°, eg. As, Sb, Bi) instead of hexagonal (a1=a2=a3≠c, α=β=90°, γ=120°, eg. Zn, Mg ). There are actually seven classical types of crystals.

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