How Can I Build Up Treasures in Heaven?

I can help you build up treasures in heaven, if you believe that the Bible is the written word of God and everything in it is true. It's simple to do and easy to understand.

Read this wonderful Bible verse and start building up your treasures in heaven. Luke 18:22 And when Jesus heard it, he said unto him, One thing thou lackest yet: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. While you would've never thought that it could have been that easy, you now know that it is.

This Bible translation was from the American Standard Bible and if you're having problems translating it or it's hard to understand, let me try to simplify things. You should sell all that you have, everything that you own and distribute it to the poor and then you shall have treasure in heaven.

What if you sell everything that you own and build treasure up in heaven, but you were blasphemous to God on earth? Blasphemy is the only sin that isn't forgiven by God. So why would you need to build your treasures up if you wouldn't be allowed into heaven.

If you're confused, join the club.

If you're a multimillionaire or have a pretty comfortable life, its going to be difficult to do. If you don't have much and your life isn't quite what you expected it to be and you're having difficulties paying your bills, finding work or raising your children, this is a little easier to do.

With all that said, I would like to point something out. If you do sell everything that you own, you will be part of the poor. So eliminate the middleman and don't sell everything that you own, instead give it to yourself. You would have been part of the poor if you sold everything, so pretend like you sold everything and pretend like you gave to the poor, who you would have been, if you sold everything and that way everything works out in the end.

This will save you a lot of grief, later on down the road when you realize what a mistake it was to sell everything that you own. Statements like these are easy for poor people to make, however, if you're a poor person who works for a rich person and they sold everything that they owned, you would find yourself out of work.

Does This Bible Verse Really Make Any Sense to Anyone?

By Gregory Vanden Berge

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