How Can I Better Study a Bible Passage? // Ask Pastor John

EPISODE 1056 // June 19, 2017 //
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Desiring God

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  1. George E says:

    comparing spiritual with spiritual !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Craig Goodwin says:

    I have recently come back to the Lord, and looking to build my relationship with Him through understanding His word. I have looked up “how to study the Bible” and found as you stated to break down the chapter into paragraphs to understand. As silly as this seems I’m not exactly sure how to do this, in your example on Romans 1:15-17, verse 15 is found at the end of the paragraph and the new paragraph starts at 16 (ESV)
    How do we know when to take verses outside a paragraph to understand its context?
    Based on what I have been reading I would have read your example starting in Romans 1 at 16-17 because those two verses make up a paragraph.
    I have not been strong in studies in the past so please bear with me on with this question.

  3. Thomas Mesen says:

    Just shared this to my group would love to connect just subscribed:)