Holy Bible Audio: Romans – Chapters 1 to 16 (Contemporary English)


Paul´s Letter to the Romans: Chapters 1 to 16 – Full, Complete
Faith Comes By Hearing – English Contemporany Version (ECV)

Em Espírito e em Verdade

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  1. Irene H says:

    Jesus ❤️

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    They say if you read a chapter a day in Proverbs 31 chapters you read it every month well now you can listen to one book everyday this is a blessing

  5. Limiteti Tuimana says:

    Absolutely true Amen

  6. dennis jonas says:

    These Bible audios have transformed my life. Every time I listen I get spiritually uplifted and this has subsequently drawn me even closer to God than I ever was. Thanks to the team behind the production. God bless you

  7. forrest baker says:

    thank you for this contribution to the world

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    I really wish there wasn’t music playing at the same time.

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    Cut the music

  12. nelee alvarez says:

    God is good!!Amen…

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    Jesus is great.Thank you my God and my Savior for making a way and having a plan for me to get to heaven.Amen

  14. Jaylyn Mulluwey says:

    ☝To God be the glory! ☝

  15. Cheryl Greene says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful way you presented the book of John. I enjoyed listening to this translation.

  16. Sylvia Basas says:

    Background music is too loud.

  17. Angelo Perez says:

    Lord Bless you! I love you…

  18. J Shirls says:

    A Satirical take on the Epistle to the Romans: Chapters 1,2~Paul's, writings are often a Projection of Paul's Personality and Experience; he begins talking about God's wrath, judgment, and that men are without excuse (I think paul himself was an angry man and he was without excuse for his murders & he was under God's wrath/judgment which is why he received the death penalty later for violating God's law/6th commandment).  Ch. 3~ Paul uses the word "boasting" which he says is excluded-yet Paul likes to Boast about his heritage, his sufferings, experience, his authority/ministry, and is generally very self-centered in his other writings. It seems like Paul is later mentally ill or crazy when he says, "I do not do the things I want to do, and do the things I do not want to do."

  19. ayrtun Buckley says:

    HAHAHAH you dumbazzzz god is fake

  20. Kate Lawn says:

    Perfect speed, voice and soothing music. thank you.

  21. Theresa Petekiewicz says:

    I hate to say this but I'm thinking about Hillary Clinton when I hear this. And all those petafiles in America there are doctors and pharmacists and law enforcement people that have been abusing children even to the point of murdering them in Satanic rituals. They have a reprobate mind. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit will fall on America so that there will be a Great Awakening. We need awareness of the evils done in secret in America. We need the the Awakening to repent of remaining ignorant of all these evils concerning the evils done all around us and honor God and give him first place again in our country. Bring God back into our school system. Teach the children to respect adults and each other. Adults be humble enough not to abuse the place of authority over children but give them the respect these children deserve with love and compassion.

  22. Caul Campbell says:

    I love the ECV words of the bible it's much easier to understand Glory be to God through my lord God Christ Jesus

  23. Walter Perry says:

    read chapter 7 Roman. beautiful word of God. touch your soul big time. I love it. God is awesome

  24. imnotmelvin3 says:

    So….um, what Bible is this read from, kjv?

  25. tim luong says:

    What have you done? Against God.

  26. Gloria Jackson says:

    Thsnk you for posting, truly a blessing.

  27. Workalemahu Degene says:

    If you are educated you have nothing to add to the gospel of LORD JESUS CHRIST THE NAZARENE , if you are uneducated you are by no means short of a thing to understand the GOOD NEWS

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