HISTORY OF IDEAS – The Renaissance

The Renaissance is a historical period with some important lessons to teach us about how to improve the world today. We need to study it not for its own sake, but for the sake of our collective futures. Please subscribe here: http://tinyurl.com/o28mut7
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  1. Vince Leone says:

    This is such a well crafted video.Really, really great stuff.


  2. Ryan L says:

    Could you please let me know which cities of our time rival the renaissance cities in beauty? I cannot think of any similar in scale.

  3. Giovanni Giorgio says:

    There's something bothering me about this documentary – the dismissal of the Medici fortune. Remember: world population was 11 times less what it is today, the world was not yet a global village, and the general populace was not yet a market to be exploited. This means that that half a billion would have been far, far harder to come by than by today's standards.

  4. victor soto says:

    I can't believe how ignorant people can be. The "Renaissance" was introduced into backward Europe by the Muslims, who had their "golden age" between the 8th & 11th centuries. They introduced into Europe math(Algebra), astrology, the Greek classics, science, medicine, art, music, agriculture, literature, language, etc. This is another attempt to give false information about whitey's superiority. LOL

  5. Rachel Priest says:

    Let's bring some of that Renaissance dignity to Detroit and Flint, Michigan.

  6. Weird Guy says:

    Jesus, so biased

  7. Flaskie Flames says:

    I'm inspired and this is beautiful :')

  8. Jakei L says:

    falta fornite

  9. innosanto says:

    How did the catholic church allow them to do all these things? And go through all this "unholy" texts? Didn't the catholic church control things enough in Florence?

  10. Bhargavi Suhas says:

    This channel has only 3.7 million subscribers. Says a lot about our time… Like Ficino, I'm just wondering, how to harness the power of pornography to teach some virtuous stuff to our generation, to change our world for the better…

  11. Aditya says:

    This is such a good channel.. Simple in content and attention holding narration.

  12. Shambhu The Eternal says:

    How to use humanities to improve our lives rather than to impress a scholarly community…Very well said…Nowadays everyone says what's the use of humanities , philosophy in practical life ..But it has more to do than science

  13. Shambhu The Eternal says:

    Amazing ..I am spellbound….

  14. ancient artist says:

    Great little intro intothe Renaissance so relevant to renewing the many values and Art forms which are destroying the modern world .aaThe new Dark ages revisited

  15. Lương Tâm Đinh says:

    Thank you for the amazing work! Keep making more <3

  16. Paul Harris says:

    We today desperately lack ambition and vision to create beautiful, uplifting urban areas because someone might be OFFENDED at being told what good is…

  17. Azzain96 says:

    How could this happen at the same time of the brutal Inquisition?

  18. Death Maze Challenge says:

    America in the 60s is hardly a renaissance.. mostly cuz it didn't create cultural values. It did change the world, but superficially. Renaissances need dark ages first. This is a dark age we're living in. I also hope these ugly cities will collapse one day, and nothing remains… : ]

  19. Cristian Guerreschi says:

    Man, you should translate this to italian and show it to all the Italians as most of them don't have any idea of the value of their history and the cities they live in.

  20. booksandeverythinginbetween says:

    Mira and Shahid tho lol

  21. urmila nayak says:

    Beautiful. Not just the knowledge but provocation of " I"

  22. Max Rubio says:

    What is the painting at minute 11:14?

  23. Jo Martinez says:

    The timeline should have started with Francesco Petrarcha.

  24. Tamara Brennan says:

    I found this video while trying to make the R real for my child. I thought I'd have to add in the juice to make "boring" history interesting for her. This was an enlightening experience to watch! It pulls together so much that I never knew and gives it great context/purpose. We will watch the others and toss her text book into the recycling bin. Thank you.

  25. Gustavo Al says:

    We also have our annual Renaissance on Black Fridays! The Renaissance of mediocrity.

  26. rose tainted sky says:

    The foundations of the Renaissance were laid in Toledo (Andalusia), and the Ottomans had a lot to do with it as well.

  27. David Ayala says:

    Great video!! Inspiring

  28. SmokeTemple says:

    this video gave me a cultural boner 🙂

  29. Kalo Arepo says:

    I think the Renaissance is extremely overrated -just look at the Middle Ages what can possibly compare with the glory of the Gothic cathedrals and the great mediaeval castles.Cathedrals like the ones at Chatres,Amiens,Paris,London,Cologne,Laon -I could go on and on outshine in majesty and awe inspiring brilliance anything from the Renaissance period and look at the mediaeval castles like the ones in Wales -show me anything from the Renaissance that can compare with these.

  30. dank footage says:

    What is the name of the painting at 11:45

  31. Leonardo David 28 says:

    WOW well done.

  32. Ronald Nydegger says:

    It is all there already in each one of us

  33. Or Rapaport says:

    The problem nowadays is that art and philosophy are so disconnected to life of the average person. People view these things as luxuries which are not necessary. In order to have a chance in going back to anything like the renaissance period, art and philosophy need to return to the lives of the average person instead of being something that only the elite understand.