Hearing God's Voice in Discovering Your Vocation in Life – Fr. Daniel Bowen

https://www.orderofmercy.org – In this interview with RVN-TV, Fr. Daniel Bowen, O. de M., vocation director of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, tells of own story of his conversion to the Catholic faith, and then to the priesthood. Here are notes from the interview:

He dated a Catholic girl in college, and began to visit an adoration chapel. It’s so important to know God’s voice personally. Fr. Daniel also recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his baptism. Some people are called to marriage, to the single life, or to the consecrated life, such as a religious.

Many young people ask, what is God’s path for my life? Father explains the difference between a career and a vocation. Religious people are often good sources for a young person to go to when they want to find where God is calling them. Fr. Daniel also explains how the Order of Mercy years ago offered themselves as collateral to redeem Christian captives.

Father describes the three orders within a religious community such as the Mercedarians – the First, Second and Third orders. The Third Order are lay persons associated with the Order.

There are 24 Mercedarian friars in the United States – priests and brothers. The Order has recently been called to serve in the Diocese of St. Augustine, FL.

Father asks, is God calling you to religious life as a friar within the Order of Mercy? Men who are age 18-35, not married, and are interested in becoming a Mercedarian friar should contact Fr. Daniel. If they are not Catholic, they might want to learn more about the Catholic faith, and consider becoming Catholic first.

Go to https://www.orderofmercy.org to find out more about vocations to the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy.


This interview is part of the program, “The Postive Side,” of RVN-TV, in the Philadelphia area, with host Anne DeSantis, and was taped on May 24, 2019.

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