Healing Miracles, Healing Prayers, Healing Scriptures By Gail King Ministries

Do you or someone you know need a healing miracle? Let me pray with you and for you. I believe in healing miracles! God bless you and may you live in radiant health always! I love you.

Gail King

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  1. Jonathan Tan says:

    Hi, my name is (Raphael) Jonathan Tan. I'm a Chinese from Malaysia, born 1996(age 20). I'm a Christian, I was born with this rare, severe dry skin disease diagnosed #ICHTHYOSIS (similar to Eczema). You can research it up and get a better idea. #awareness. it affects my whole body from head to toe, not one part is spared.
    Doctors claimed its Genetics, but no trace from family ancestors whatsoever. Even my blood brother is Normal and healthy. which is a Miracle on its own. That's why we're 7 years apart.
    The small town church which I grew up in has been praying for me. My parents have spent all that they have trying to cure me. Been to many Christian healing seminars/service/rally/conference/meetings when I was young (and still do when theres an opportunity) but somehow only my mum was always called out and got deliverance (it was back then, which after several years now she's been completely delivered!)
    Maybe because of her Conversion to Christianity. She wasn't strong in the Lord at that time and my dad was a beginner Christian as well.(But I don't blame anybody really I'm over that) and Because of the complication of my pre-mature birth and my mum's water-bag burst pregnancy, my grandpa who is a Buddhist prayed to his God called "monkey God" that explains the big black gorilla-like shadow standing at my mums bedside during her stay, as witnessed by patient next to hers. That might be the cause.
    Another cause might be some medical complications, as my mum had to intake 1000 painkillers and antibiotics as prescribed by the doctors. I researched it and apparently it isn't so good when overdosed, and the side effects of it. We know of another victim with the same diagnosis where the mother had water bag burst and pre-matured and overdose of pills and the baby is now suffering the same diagnosis as mine, Except minus the spiritual warfare thing going on, so what's exactly is the cause I'm not sure.
    I too have been praying a lot this several years, now that I'm matured. I have been searching everywhere for the source of healing, whether medically, physically or spiritually. Medical and physical healing(natural remedies) is only temporary, and partial. when I stop taking, it comes back because that's how my body functions abnormally, my metabolism and immune system is hay wired. So basically I'll have to take it all my life, But even by taking all these, I'm not 100% better! I would say only 60-70%. Enough to garnered Unwanted Attention, which I dislike the most. I only believe God can heal me 100% and for eternity and I'm still holding on to that truth.
    Now that I'm 20, I wish to be set free before I reach adulthood, my childhood and youthhood is ruined and I don't want to bring it further to ruin my life. Afterall God has payed for it all on the Cross and that I'm ALREADY HEALED BY HIS STRIPES, I believe God don't get the glory FROM the sickness, He gets the glory OUT OF the sickness. God don't glorify sickness for Jesus himself came and destroy them. I don't know about disabilities and deformities, but disease was a major thing Jesus came to destroy when He was on Earth.
    The problem with this condition is that this is a disease I can see, its visible, so it's hard to stay confident, and in faith, as it also affects my self esteem and self worth very badly. I suffer fear, anxiety, depression, shame, etc. because of my appearance. And because of that, I have some attitude problems, and relationship problems with my parents, because of the frustrations and discouragements, it kinda made me quick to angered and easily irritated. I had wonder if it's because of my attitude that I'm not healing. But it's not by performance but by grace. However I do need inner emotional, mental and spiritually healing too. I can't help but doubt when I pray and don't see anything. It's really hard. And I feel like it's not going to happen. I tried not believing what I see but it seems like I'm literally lying to myself. Maybe because I'm fearful of being disappointed again and putting my hopes up just to be discouraged. I want to hear from God and what's his purpose for all THIS. I know He has His reasons and plans. At times when I'm broken, burn out, tired, I do feel like giving up and just ACCEPTING it as it is like the world to tell you to, even some Christians, BUT I don't want to miss Gods blessings, what He has personally Promised me and through the the Word. All this years I've been praying, my family, my pastors and churches have been as well. I can say I have been gradually improving with the help of prayers and medications and treatments and proper diet. But for such a progress for 20 years is taking way far too long, as I'm now twenty, turning adulthood, I would so want to be set free from this forever.
    My days are spent, researching, going online and seeking help and prayer. Majority of it is talking to God, literally like He's a person beside me, venting, thanksgiving, petition, praying, asking, seeking, knocking, you name it. So much so to a point of being a psycho as it feels like I'm talking to myself, cause he doesn't talks back most of the time. I do have a relationship with him. I have a prayer life. I do have a devotion and quiet time with him, problem is HE too stays quiet, and that's a major problem. I have a time of charismatic activity, name it claim it, rebuking all sort of spirit etc, speaking to my condition, taking authority, all that stuff. I wonder if it actually works like what I've seen and learn here on YouTube. It's a lot harder when it's YOU, when you can actually still SEE and feel the symptoms. I need the anointing.
    Please pray for me too, if you have the faith for me, the prayer of Faith shall save the sick! I have dreams, goals, passions, relationship to pursue! Of course I can do them now but I don't want to start on this foundation, I want to start anew! A new creation! Plus I can do them even better with a healthy body than a sick one. God has revealed that "He is willing!" To me, that was a prophesy he gave me in particular, and the only thing I'm holding on my faith to. Knowing that HE CAN, and now HE WILL heal me! I have submitted my prayer request to various online forums. I believe in prayer. Please do keep me in prayer. I'm desperately in need of healing touch. Nothing's worse than a long term suffering of chronic illness, especially one whom has never experienced a "normal" healthy life.
    Do email me and tell me where you're emailing from (jonathantan96@gmail.com) God bless.

  2. Editha Barrera says:

    plis pray for me i have a gloucoma

  3. Lindsey Shaffer says:

    Powerfull Message Thank you and God, Bless you you seem like a Beautiful-Woman inside and Out,.. I am confused tho with those who say they Comand God, a healing they Comand Jesus a healing,… You shouldnt Command anything from our Makers of heaven and earth but ask for it,….

  4. Bettyma Quail says:

    paster Gail king I pray regularly but some days I feal I need someone to pray for me and I pray with you. I get encouraged​ and blessed.
    this week I have 3mericles. i had some eye twiching problem my eye doctor gave me some eye drops and said come back next year that was great mericle. beacus I take some hard meds it says about side effects. but doctor says no problem with eyes. praise God.
    my hemothologist so encouraged she wants to take me off of coumden for good. I had some digestive issues they are gone too.God healed me from top of head to souls of my feet.he is my loving God. and he still does mericle.​. praise be unto his holy name.
    I was completely pearlized in 2014. i had to learn to walk like baby.I can walk now.and take care of my daily needs without anyone's help.
    thany you.God bless you.

  5. Sarah Mbula says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for healing all sickness N diseases that almost took my life. Amen

  6. Doris Uwase says:

    i need healing miracler

  7. Teeslive says:

    Dear Pastor, Thank you for posting these videos of anoiting and convenance over God's people. I have lived 31 years of my life with a congenital bone condition. I use a wheelchair to get around. While I have always loved myself the outside world has always made me believe otherwise. There has been much strife on my life in terms of daily hatred of the public towards me and many people in similar circumstances. I have been told I am evil, an abomination, the devil, laughed at, mocked, attacked, spit on, told I shouldn't have been kept a live, etc. Things of this nature happen often despite any good will in me. After a recent breakup where felt further ripped to shreds. I have realized that I have a purpose. Although, I have known in my heart since I was a child I had a purpose. I regretfully ignored it. But I know now that I want my purpose simply to be to love the Lord wholeheartedly and believe in him and love others unconditionally. With faith, I hope in the days after life on earth I hope to be freed of pain, worldly strife and have true forgiveness. I truly pray the same for all my fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you again Pastor for your messages.

  8. Yonette Chandler says:

    God is good #like thanks to God

  9. marichi gigayon says:

    pls pray for my healing.

  10. Anthony Mann Mann says:

    pray for me by his wounds i am healed praying for a miracle about to lose a limb

  11. J Morales says:

    Pastor please pray for my miracle – I have herniated disc in my neck

  12. ramon gonzalez says:

    plse pray for me need total restoration healing n mind soul body a s a p plse contact me if possible 205-532-4815 im n texas pray against spiritual waefare strongly.PLEASE THANK YOU DARLENE THS IS N MY OPINION URGENT………………

  13. Marie Jose says:

    Need deliverance

  14. King Qween says:

    I feel the deliverance in what your saying I myself have been dealing with a body sickness that has me in and out of the hospital I am from head to toe affected to the eye it looks like a really bad dermatitis or rash resembling body poison which I seen in a video it affects my day to day activities and my relationships with others please pray for my release in Jesus name Amen

  15. Chris Boyd says:

    Such a Wonderful video. Really needed to hear this! Praise God in Jesus Name! 🙂

  16. Tye Seeley says:

    Please lift me and I my children in prayer.
    Healed of depression,PTSD,Anxiety,Divorce,Soul ties and Stomach Pain..Amen

  17. Henry Goodwin says:


  18. Delora SP says:

    Thank you sister and blessings from our Father.

  19. Black Pharaoh says:

    Lord God, if it is your will. Do your will and fulfill your word in my body. You said that you heal all diseases and by his stripes we are healed.

  20. Xander Taylor says:

    You seem like a very nice lady and a sincere Christian. But what you said about God not sending sickness to pay someone back or to punish is not Scriptural. Remember Miriam, who God touched with leprosy. Remember the man who was struck with blindness because he tried to buy Paul's gifts. I'm very glad that you're so uplifting about healing, but that just isn't true.

  21. Universal035 says:

    Dear God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, continue to help me in my life. I wanted my ultimate blessing in life. The woman that I truly loved, that's an angel from heaven rejected me and married a thugged out dangerous staff sergeant. Dear God, it's a painful unfair hurt that I live with because I asked and prayed that your Will would be done concerning this matter, that you would bless me with her in my life. She was special and brilliantly smart. Lord … I leave this pain my soul has in your hands. But God and Jesus, you and I both know that I really wanted to marry her and have a very beautiful blessed family with her. Lord you said in your commandment that I should not lust after another man's wife. But God and Jesus the pain still hurts. Help me move on, it's like you made very very few angels here on this earth. She was one of those few angels that was truly special. I haven't come across another angel like her. But lord I know you know what's best for me in my life. I trust you. Lucifer tricked me into thinking that I don't feel loved from you, but lucifer is a liar and I rebuke him in this name of Jesus!!!! Lord my soul belongs to you!!!! I love you praise, honor, worship, live, love and give you all the glory and trust you forever. I want my soul to be with you forever in heaven. Because the pain I live with here on this earth is a nightmare. Thank you for giving me life every single day that I breathe and everynight that I lay down to sleep. Dear God, Jesus and The Power of the holy spirit, please wife away my tears inside my soul and please keep a close eye out for me. For you are worthy to be praised!!! Forever!!!! Dear lord, please bless me with a beautiful special angel. Please create one for me in my life and beautiful babies that are already filled with the power of your love, Jesus love and holy spirit! Dear God, Jesus and holy spirit, please save my soul, help my mental status, help me read the holy scriptures. My soul lives for you. Have mercy on my soul for all my sins. I love you forever in Jesus name amen. Continue to please help me lord daily.

  22. meme Nicks says:

    Thank you Pastor Gail King and your ministry. I appreciate your words on divine  faith prayer  scriptures and encouragement. Blss you

  23. Ricardo De Guzman says:


  24. christine steward says:


  25. christine steward says:


  26. christine steward says:


  27. Sandy Griffin says:

    Amen…Thank you…for your Prayers…and Confidence in God……! You are Beautiful….!

  28. margo rani says:

    Prayers for my gorgeous friend Mehmet in Turkey he is in the hospital in pain please pray for him

  29. Shekinah Glory says:

    Agree with me for restoration of my skin.

  30. Rain Tuvilleja says:

    Please pray for my family's good health. I too am in dire of prayer for the strange illness that's afflicted me. Please for me. God bless…

  31. Briana Ray says:

    I go tomorrow, sorry

  32. Briana Ray says:

    I tomorrow for my MRI results and I know that he has healed me. Amen, thank you

  33. Ulrich Plischke says:

    Ameen i receive the healing Power , in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christus, Malaika from Germany,

  34. Ox Walker says:

    God the Father in the name of Jesus release my heel,shin,ankle,knee,popliteal,hip,shoulder,scapula,spine,sit bone pain Amen

  35. cherokeejo2000 says:

    Lord I believe you are our saviour and ask you to bless this lady for her prayers for all your children. May your love and light shine upon all that you have created. Blessing be to all.in Jesus's name Amen

  36. Sugarr Bear says:

    u b ni00t .yuk UK <hmm goblin K

  37. Julie Lee says:

    Lord heal me as i m in great pain. My god you are the only savior for my pain.In the name of Jejus..amen

  38. Julie Lee says:

    Lord heal me as i m in great pain. My god you are the only savior for my pain.In the name of Jejus..amen

  39. Sharon Mims says:

    Thank you for this prayer! This is confirmation that God will do just what He said. Thank you Jesus!!!

  40. Patti (A Believer) Houston - Zeal for life says:

    Thank you for this healing prayer. I prayed, touched and stood in agreement with you for my healing. Thank you Jesus for healing me!!