Having Faith As a True Christian Believer in God

When you have faith as a Christian, you know that God is always with you. Faith is trusting in the unseen and knowing that there is something there – even when you can't physically sense it or logically understand it being there. Faith is quite powerful and can take you through emotional and spiritual storms so that you don't feel a drop of rain fall on you.

Matthew 17:20 says, "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you." Many people when they talk about having Christian faith, love to point to this little piece of scripture. It reminds us that even if your faith in God "feels" small – that it truly is much larger than you understand right now. Simply allowing God into your heart makes this faith larger and more powerful for every aspect of your life.

There are some that think faith is something you only turn to when times are troublesome. That faith is what you need when you lose a job or when someone is in the hospital. But faith can help you in both good times and in bad. Christians are constantly tested to stay on the path to be good Christians. In good times, a test can come in the form of greed when you have a lot of financial abundance and riches – do you share it with others or do you hoard it? Do you tithe at your church or help those in your community? Or do you simply take luxury vacations and have fancy cars? Having faith in God means that you know the best moral action at every time. So whether times are good or times are troublesome, you are led and directed by your Christian faith. You trust that your Christian faith leads you.

When you live as though your Christian faith leads you, your entire life can change. For many people, they begin to feel a great sense of peace and calmness. Other people are filled with a sense of joy like never before. Some people still feel the nagging sense that they should be doing "something" else. Accountants all of a sudden want to be history teachers. Nurses want to volunteer for programs that help the sick in third world countries for their vacations. Families with extra room in their homes and hearts become foster families. Life changes and improves in many wonderful ways when you let your faith lead your life. Living by Christian faith doesn't mean that you don't have your challenges and moments of frustration – because that is just part of living a typical life and we don't believe in "magical" solutions. We also live and grow through many of our frustrating situations in ways that we just wouldn't if life were entirely peaceful. Your difficult coworker or neighbor may be a blessing directly from God as you learn patience, kindness and compassion to strengthen your faith like never before. These are lessons that sometimes we just wouldn't discover otherwise.

Galatians. 5: 6 says, "Faith worketh by love." This scripture is very true. When you act from love, you are living in your Christian faith. When you move away from love – you probably are not acting from your Christian faith. Some people think they need a set of fancy rules or ideas to fully understand if they are living by their Christian faith. The strongest "rule" to understand is that when you act out of love for one another – you are living by your Christian faith. When you help a neighbor, a child or a coworker you are acting out of Christian faith. When you live fully in your heart, you know you are living in your Christian faith.

By Robert Moment

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