"God's Instructions For A Miracle" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (Powerful Sermon)

First Baptist Church of Glenarden, http://fbcglenarden.org
Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. @JKJenkins
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6:30 p.m. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Sunday)

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  1. DINEO SETHABA says:

    You are an amazing preacher indeed, HALLELUJAH! thank The Lord for u. AMEN and AMEN!

  2. MICHAEL DAVIS says:

    Then why do you have blind people in your church. I know a 40 year old girl in the Pentecostal church who has been blind for years and a guy that can't talk also a man with a mental deficit, he goes to the alter every week. Why can't you pray and stop muscular dystrophy, cancer and the like. Why does this Charismatic lady I know that's in a wheel chair not able to walk? She's only 63 and she has a lot of faith. Why don't you go to hospitals and nursing homes and get God to heal the people lying in the beds and isn't God not powerful enough for you to ask Him to stop Covid-19 and AIDS?

  3. MICHAEL DAVIS says:

    I find it funny how you don't hear about Pentecostals going to Nursing Homes and Hospitals to get God to heal the people in there. There are so many of them still in there sick and dying?

  4. Rochelle Hendrix says:

    Thanks be to God for this sermon. I am seeking a miracle for my child. He was raised in the church and in a God-fearing home, but he has stated that he doesn't think he believes in God anymore but he knows Jesus is real because there is evidence that a man named Jesus existed. He is a nice young man and is obedient to his parents, but I want him more than anything to be a saved young man. I pray for him daily and I am trusting and believing in God's promises that if I train up my child, that in God's own time, he will deliver him into a right relationship with Him.

  5. Delton Duitch says:

    Jesus preached to ever Race

  6. Dr. Nixon Cesar says:

    Watch this 30 second clip on miracles and prayer:


  7. Tracy Vic Wilson says:

    What a Word from God!!!! Thank you PastorJ!!!

  8. Lord bring us out of Darkness says:

    If you only know what God protects us from you will learn to appreciate HIM more go to http://www.inforazzi.com
    hear people testimonies of the Hell they saw and Jesus is utilizing them as a witness to tell others.

  9. Lord bring us out of Darkness says:

    In this world people shout and praise a team scoring a point ….which can't benefit any human being But THE Almighty can …PRAISE YOU GOD ALMIGHTY….LOVE YOU DAD

  10. Lord bring us out of Darkness says:

    With This Pastor preaching there's no way I could sit I will be up on my feet shouting Yes Lord Amen….

  11. Marie Pharaoh says:

    Humility! OMG. God humbles in His own way. Just before listening to this, I had to do something that I did not want to do, and I cried to God. I said to Him, "Why do you want to take everything from me? Why break me down to nothing?" And then I began listening to this….

  12. Sylvia Copeland Copeland says:

    I simply love your "teaching/preaching" style….continue to be consecrated to reach the masses!!

  13. Victor Tembo says:

    Pastor John indeed you are a blessing to many of us

  14. I Love Jesus says:

    Doesn't matter what skin colour we are as long as we believe in our Lord Jesus Christ our King and live a Goldly life then we should be fine

  15. I Love Jesus says:

    Powerful preaching,feel blessed

  16. Azureblu 50 says:

    I heard a black pastor say something years ago I never forgot. He said: " Thousands of people who sit in church every Sunday praising, will slide right out of their pews into hell."! I wonder how many who sit in church every Sunday were fornicating Saturday nite!!! I don't care how loud they praise, they're in deep trouble, just sayin!

  17. Clayton Taylor says:

    I love you Pastor!

  18. Zeniyah says:

    Best PASTOR EVER!!!!!!!