Godly Masculinity and Godly Femininity

Bestselling author and psychologist, Dr. Larry Crabb, explores godly masculinity and godly femininity, showing how a biblical understanding of gender frees us to fully experience God, ourselves, and each other.


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  1. Carl Gundel says:

    This is certainly worth a listening to, but the flip side of this is that a man can easily feel invisible to his wife. It cuts both ways. Men and women both have a very difficult time understanding how to build each other up. Have a vision yes, but without a complaining spirit or comparing your marriage to other marriages in a very vain way.

  2. Vania Thomas says:

    To become who we most want to be we need to cry the tears we most fear……..Genesis 1 , to be open, it's the means of being a female , open and inviting like Jesus.

  3. Vania Thomas says:

    Wow this man is very wise .
    "The greatest fear of a woman is to feel invisible". I have to watch this twice

  4. Hannah Klunk says:

    This was better than I thought it would be

  5. Leanda Talbot says:

    This is amazing

  6. atlanta serwadda says:

    This is incredible

  7. Cristin Moore says:


  8. Heather Welbourn says:

    very good!