In this short but anointed video Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes prays for you from psalm 16 so that you can be delivered from every tough situation. Connect in Faith!

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  1. Elna Esterhuizen says:

    I believe and agree that I will be Blessed in Jesus Name

  2. tomato beam says:

    Amein and halleluyah!

  3. Annette Kizer says:

    I agree in jesus name

  4. Tyson King says:

    Greetings from Guyana Linden in South America in Jesus Christ name amen

  5. Dewondr Cropprue says:

    I believe and I receive this prophetic word for my life in the name of Jesus Christ Amen and Amen

  6. Evelyn Ross says:

    I believe and agree and I trust and I recieve all this in the mighty name Messiah Jesus. The begotten Son of YOD HE VAV He. Amen.

  7. Ann Mathews says:

    Yes. Amen. Show us thy way.

  8. Ann Mathews says:

    Amen. I agree Lord

  9. tiesha Lewis says:

    I agree

  10. Erick Odiko says:

    I agree and believe with all my heart of the living word of God in the name of Jesus Christ our LORD Amen.

  11. Amrita Mathews says:

    I agree and believe in Jesus

  12. Molly Gomes says:

    I agree n I believe

  13. Rishirishi Roopnarine says:

    I agree and receive in jesus name

  14. Patricia Barrington says:

    In agreement

  15. M J says:

    I agree Amen

  16. Theresa Campbell says:


  17. Tonnia Gomez says:

    I agree, believe and receive the blessings of the Lord in Jesus name. Father I ask that You hear and answer the prayers in the innermost parts of my heart. Lord I trust in Your word and name that You will deliver me in Jesus name. Amen

  18. Israelia Love says:

    Amen I agree and believe and receive in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  19. cyrene jarteh says:

    I believe and agree with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen !!

  20. Joyce Molefe says:

    I agree with you man of God

  21. Ashish Sathe says:

    I agree in the name of jesus.
    God will bring me out of all touch situations.amen

  22. ernest j. schuster jr. says:

    I'm in agreement praise God Holy Name .

  23. Chanel mashungupa says:

    I stand in agreement my situation has changed in the name of Jesus Amen

  24. Lyndee-Anne Heidrich says:

    I uniquely agree love all

  25. Tay Tay says:

    I agree with evangelist Gabriel and believe and receive In the name of Jesus Amen

  26. Joyce Molefe says:

    I am in agreement with the spirit of most high God my name is Makhotso Joyce Molefe I am in South Africa kraaifontein

  27. Vishwanauth Ketwaroo says:

    I believe in you with gabriel thank father in jesus christ name amen guide me and show me the way up in life thank you father lord

  28. Tina Topiwala says:

    I agree and receive in the name of Jesus Christ

  29. Kunah Nabil says:

    I agree and believe in the name of jesus

  30. Israelia Love says:

    I agree in Jesus Mighty Name, amen. I believe i have received

  31. Karen Barry-Paul says:

    Amen and amen thank You Lord Jesus today for this wonderful prayers in JESUS CHRIST NAME I agree I believe and I received in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ amen and amen.

  32. Albert Everly says:

    I agree in Jesus name amen

  33. Bih Rahel says:


  34. Karuna Sheela says:

    I agree and blessed in the name of our lord Jesus, thank you for your prayers

  35. Walter Davis says:

    I agree with you Gabriel Fernandez. This is Walter Davis in Florida in the name of Jesus Christ I agree.