God Is Protecting You From Things You Can't See (Inspirational & Motivational Sermon)

God is fighting battles you know nothing about!

Christian Motivation

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Grace For Purpose

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  1. RG1 WhiteyWins says:

    This channel is one of the few that attracts mostly genuine Christians.

  2. Tomi Briseno says:

    I want my dog back. The lady will not let me have her back. She approached me at her work place. She lied to her boss. I thought I was going to have to take care of my sister that didn't happen. My dog lost a lot of weight. She said if things didn't work out she would give my dog back to me. Her cousins stepped in and told her not to give me my dog. I bottle feed her. I had her six months. I release and put them in God's hands. I am not even allowed to seeher like she promised me. Please pray for faith my dog and me

  3. Joel Allen says:

    God I need your help God please forgive me for not listening to you Lord. I love you God and I need you forever in my life.

  4. Lori W says:


  5. Nyengeterai Maronga says:

    Lord Jesus help me to be a prayer worrior in all times of hard and good

  6. Elvia Malone says:


  7. Elvia Malone says:


  8. Yvonne Bryden says:

    I would love to know who the speakers are, I would love to listen to more of their messages, does anybody know?

  9. Tricia Williams says:

    Thank you Jesus Christ. I prayer for guidance strength courage and do his will.

  10. Believer says:


  11. Nick Henton says:

    I did not pray on 9/22…the spiritual attack came right as I returned from lunch break.

  12. Edward Zimmer says:

    Yes I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, thank you Jesus

  13. Sow AG says:

    I’m sure there were heaps of near misses in my life, that i escaped