Giving Your Time

Jesus said, when you help the needy, you touch the very heart of God. Many Christians are living unfulfilled lives because they do not give what God has given them to the less fortunate. You do not expect God to give you if you do not share what you have with someone else. He says according to the measure with which you measure, it shall be measured to you too. This means that God comes though for you according to how much you are there for others.

Service to God does not mean working in the church. It means being out there giving to the needy. If you look at the life of Jesus Christ here on earth, he was always with the poor and needy. He made sure that he was at service to them. He had compassion for them and even miraculously fed them with real food. What matters to God most should be our top priority in life. The needy and poor are closest to God's heart. What are you doing for them? Are you making somebody's life better?

Giving to the needy opens for you doors prayers and fasting could not. What is the use of God giving you your dream job if you only use up that money on yourself. God does not bless you for your own use but so that you can be a blessing to another person. You might not have much to give right now but there is something you can give regardless of your situation. This will make God to remember you too for we all are poor and needy before God.

By Angela Mwema

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