Giving and Tithing – Pass the Salt Live, December 21 2016

Beginning the episode Coach speaks on how Biblically illiterate people are. Most people expect to receive their biblical teaching from Church. You need to feed yourself on the Word of God. Understand what the Bible actually says about things so that you critically think about things, instead of just following orders because, “My pastor says so.”

Coach then talks about giving and tithing. You do not need to tithe to the church to be a good Christian. The point of tithing is to give. When you tithe you your church, and then you pay taxes, what do you have left over to help your neighbor? Giving is tied with discipleship. Freely give, and hold those who you give to accountable. Giving becomes a part of your nature, and helping is just something you do. This is what the Bible says about giving, it’s a principle to live by, not a rule to follow.


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  1. PJ Barriman says:

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