Genesis: the seedbed of all Christian doctrine (Creation Magazine LIVE! 6-09)


Is Genesis really important to today’s Christian? Without Genesis could we still have a good understanding of Christianity’s main teachings? Find out how and why Genesis relates to all Christian doctrines.

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  1. Daniel Pech says:

    The Gospel is about life, not about the trivially universal physics of matter and energy. This is in keeping with the term 'darkness upon' in Genesis 1:2. Specifically, see verses such as Luke 23:44, Exodus 14:20, Deuteronomy 4:11, Joshua 24:7, 2Samuel 22:12, Job 3:5, Job 17:12, Job 22:11, Job 38:9, and Psalm 18:11.

    These verses show that the grammatical conceptual scheme of ancient Hebrew is centered on life, and on the effects which non-living things have on life or on the condition of the environment that life is to inhabit. So the conceptual focus is NOT on non-living things themselves, much less on a life-indifferent sensibility of mechanical engineering.

  2. Logan Davis says:

    I hope CMI is about the post-tribulation rapture. The pre-tribulation rapture notion is a big fat lie. Jesus won't just return at any time. We are going to be here for the tribulation of which will last for seven years. Now, after the tribulation, the sun and the moon will go dark and then Jesus will return to rapture out the last surviving Christians. So basically, we aren't here for God's wrath upon the world. We'll rule the world with him for a thousand years. So, we'll be in the new Heaven and new Earth then. For more information on the true end times, you people may want to consider paying a visit to Kent Hovind's channel known as " Kent Hovind OFFICIAL". He used to be brainwashed by the whole pre- trib. rapture idea but then switched to the truth while he was in prison for structuring. And no, not tax fraud. That's a huge lie. I think you guys should do a Creation Magazine Live episode on the complete end times. Which believe it or not, it would contribute to the Creation vs Evolution issue considering both sides have different views on the end of the world.

  3. TickedOff Priest says:

    Hebrew writings say that the angels are clothed in fire and were the light that was created on Day One.

  4. jman exe says:

    What a great ministry this is, teaching with the Word AND Science! Observing Creation only proves a Creator afterall, and who but the Father of Jesus.

  5. Nathan Warden says:

    Such an important, yet underrated topic.

  6. browndyt says:

    Until they ate the fruit they could not have known that disobeying god was wrong, just like they did not know that they should be ashamed of the way god had created them. they would not have known that listening to the serpent was wrong either.

    Which laws were the world disobeying to deserve being murdered by the flood? who was told the rules, when were they told, how did they pass on the information to everyone else?
    Why would you even respect a god that you believe would be so capricious?
    What is it about god (however you want to describe it) that you think makes it worth your reverence? What is it that really gets you on your knees?

  7. NamelessAnonymous says:

    awesome stuff! I can't wait for the next episode!

  8. Nick Nack says:

    The first five books of the Bible are entirely mythical. There's nothing in Genedis that coincides with fact.

  9. I, Donald J. Trump, want 100,000 subscribers says:

    very good show. by the way, it's not really relevant but why do you guys have your subscriber count hidden? you have ratings and comments open so it doesn't make much sense

  10. Shane Cessna says:

    ha ha, the dinosaur statue behind Cal at the beginning of the video looks like Jar-Jar Binks…

  11. 1Truth says:

    Excellent explanation, even though I knew this information, it was explained it in a compact way that really made good sense.

    It is a shame there are some of those Christians who don't take Genesis literally and try to mix in man made Left wing fantasies like millions of years and Darwinian Evolution, which is laughable to anyone who knows all the facts especially the facts they try to hide from the public.

  12. Debra Milton says:

    Solid teaching but few will care to hear anything that doesn't tickle their ears.

  13. Jim Herald says:

    You guys packed a lot into your show. God bless you all. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your program through the years.

    Perhaps you can make a show about how the atheists work so hard to be the one and only game in town. If their argumentation is so robust, why not some competition? Why not some selection?

  14. Eric Badong says:

    It's great that the Gospel was also presented here. Good job as always, guys!

  15. rob yattaw says:

    i would love your opinions on the science March that was held this Earth day , and your opinions on there comments .

  16. Alpha Beta says:

    Looking forward for next week. The ape to man image is clearly a fraud.

  17. Isaiah cooper says: