Full response to SuperBlueEyes02 Why so many denominations If the church is one?

JohnTheHutDweller’s Webcam Video from February 12, 2012 08:28 PM This is a Freak ANOMALY! my webcam for no reason is working. Freak of nature Miracle. answering the question by superblueeyes02 why so many denominations if there is one church?


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  1. BeautyStanding4Him says:

    @JohnTheHutDweller The real church is not a temple built by hands.

  2. BeautyStanding4Him says:

    ehh…your Roman Church didn't write the books in the bible…they STOLE those letters and documents from the early disciples of Christ.You shouldn't complain about Christians using the bible compiled from your Roman Church when the Roman Church did the same thing when they stole them from the disciples,re-edited them and then used them for their own agenda! You aren't allowed to red book of Revelation?lol..ofcourse not cause that books exposes the Roman Church and it's plan for globl control.

  3. YusefAlTahir says:

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  4. thornisdan says:

    I know money is probably tight, it is with me, but if you don't care about playing computer games you don't amazing technology. It might actually be cheaper in the long run to buy a new computer, or even just a camera, then to try to get a new webcam, or get your laptop repaired.
    For my camera I just cut into my alcohol fund.
    I'm not ragging on your smoking but it wont take too long to save up if you cut your cigarette consumption by 25%, especially with the cost of smokes now days.

  5. thornisdan says:

    Yo I ended up buying a 100 dollars (Canadian) Fuji digital camera that makes pretty good videos (minus I can't figure out how to get good sound yet) plus the cost of a SDHC card. It's a little more pricey then a webcam, but still cheap, and it's really easy to use, can shoot outside and I never have to worry about my laptop crapping out on me. It might be something to start thinking about saving up for. Also you could get a pretty cheap good laptop second hand if you shop around a bit.