Family Guy – Peter "Bible fight!"

Season 4, episode 06 – Petarded

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Rodrigo Maydana

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  1. Tigerguy 101 says:

    0:22 man Shego what happened to you?!

  2. Jack Williams says:


  3. Dayana Dai says:

    I want a Bible Fight xD

  4. Michael Wolfe says:

    Your results may vary.

  5. Cedric Bautista says:

    Lucky peter

  6. Mason RobertsTV says:

    What does she mean by “let me show you how everything works down there”?

  7. Nate Escobales says:

    That bible fight scene was soooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT FUNNY!

  8. Millin Akash says:

    ………..Only in Anime

  9. Itai Sprachman says:

    you know what makes this even funnier
    in Hebrew we have this phrase "Beat some Torah into them" which means to teach someone the bible
    having that in mind makes for an hilarious pun

  10. NoPuncakeMix 00 says:

    How to get laid even if you ugly step 1 walk into a woman's bathroom step 2 break the doors open step 3 say I'm retarded step 4 repeat until a girl offers to show you how "it" works step 5 get laid step 6 rinse and repeat as many times as needed

  11. Jeremy Ryan Ryder says:

    That scream 0:11

  12. Quinn Fletcher says:

    I'm not surprised people like Peter are always using the Bible to hurt people!

  13. alfa0i0omega says:

    angrily kicks garbage can No one showed me how everything works down there! >:(

  14. Maxwell Rochette says:


  15. sonicroc237 says:

    Was that Nicole Sullivan?

  16. Psyduck is Kewl says: