Factors Christians Must Consider Before Paying Their Tithe To A Church – Pastor Sunday

Factors Christians Must Consider Before Paying Their Tithe To A Church – Pastor Sunday
The core of the church is its ministry. Just like the early church ministered to the poor, the widows, and to each other, no church can be planted successfully grown without a strong foundation in ministry. So…How do you minister to the youth? How should you help and minister to the poor? And how specifically should the church function? Should it be taxed? Should the poor tithe? Should church musicians be paid? Is tithing even in the new testament? Is it the Church pushing people like Muhammad Ali away from Christianity? Is the Church still relevant at this point? Of course it is, but it still needs revival and reformation, so learn about reformation in the church and how to bring revival to yours with Pastor Sunday!

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Dr. Sunday Adelaja

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  1. Dr. Sunday Adelaja says:

    What do you think about this video? Get into the next one now –

  2. aka konin says:

    Tithe is a principle of the Old Covenant and not of the New Covenant. Remember the New Covenant started only from the death of Jesus…

  3. A C says:

    Makes a lot of sense.

  4. Christian Comedy Channel says:

    Last Saturday, I met four people from Winner's Chapel in Plymouth, UK in the middle of the high street, and here is a YouTube recording which I made with them, and my attempt to discuss their doctrine of compulsory tithing to Winners Chapel. But they were completely unable to explain why they believe that tithing is for Christians today. So possibly somebody else in this comments section might be able to help me, so I ask the channel admin, Sunday Adelaja Official, to please permit this link, as I really would appreciate somebody explaining why Winner's Chapel teaches mandatory tithing:

  5. WILLY WHYTE says:

    This confirms what I just been advised to practice by the LORD…Thanks sir

  6. Alex Maxwell says:

    Tithing is Unscriptural. Giving is the recommendation for Christians .

  7. Kene Orakwute says:

    tithes belonged to Judaism. Giving is for Christians.

  8. Exploits1132 says:


  9. Graham Gronhoff says:

    In other words "pay up suckers". How much does that shirt cost and how much "tithing" did your paritioners do for you to buy it????