EXPOSED: “Son of God” illuminati false Jesus (R$E)

The “Bible” Series & “Son of God” film… a LUCIFERIAN new age deception.
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  1. Miro555 says:

    So, Obama is big satan and Netaniahu a small satan? Or God forbid it, we should ever fear Zionism since we're obliged to their "gracious" usurers?..

  2. Aaron Harris says:

    You are wrong about this movie. I wasn't going to comment but Its important I call you out. This movie states that Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the Life. States that you only have one teacher, the Christ. Shows Christ's crucifixion for the atonement of sin to those who repent and receive Him by faith. That is not of satan! You are seeing things that simply are not there. I will pray for you.

  3. Seth Bird says:

    watch fault 600

  4. Obadiah Edozein says:

    The logo of The History Channel also has a pyramid turned on its side.

  5. Jerry Shunk says:


  6. Jerry Shunk says:


  7. Jerry Shunk says:


  8. Jerry Shunk says:


  9. charlie frazier says:

    that's the problem with weak or worldly people. they are always trying to understand things with the human eye which is always misleading

  10. Winston Churchill says:

    Satan is not real. Bible translators put capital S on it to deceive. Satan just means adversary, which is the usurping Jews. May God destroy them all and soon.

  11. Shane from Island Lake IL. says:

    I had open heart surgery when I was 33 on April 13th 2007. a hospital called "Resurrection"
    this is just the beginning.

  12. Game Over says:

    Satan is black in this movie because in reality the tribe of Judah, Jesus' lineage was black. ..hint hint, jesus was/is black.

  13. hpranch Ranch says:

    How many churches are preaching this false Jesus? I think more and more are and don't even realize it.

  14. Tha Genius says:

    Wonderful work R$E. May our heavenly blessed Father keep you strong!! In Jesus name.

  15. Valencia rose says:

    that Jesus all he does is to whisper. sooooo true.God help us.

  16. Rec 101 says:

    Jesus was black, according to several Islamic sources. Some reffered to him as reddish, others as black as an African. This is the reason why we muslims never make immages of our prophets. Colour and looks don't matter, the message does! Sadly, the bible has been corrupted by early massonic and satanic jews.

  17. Dominic says:

    Anyway they showing the people why Christ died, but not that He had all Power over the devil's and so the apostles and believers should have !
    Luc 1: 46 -48 says that the Mother Maria will be honored among all nations !
    It not means to pray to as the Catholic changed it !
    There is ferder no any story written like on Mary or Jozef !?
    Or like Jesus stayed and John the Baptist only in the dessert till they apear !
    Also contradictions in the bible cause of changing it during the centuries ! Jesus said He will come soon !
    It's already more than 2000 years that's not soon !
    First constantly wars as history learn for what purpose ??
    Born to kill and than to be forgiven as some does like Paul, he was a murderer and all of a sudden a preacher !
    Ok we woman just need to understand how to bring children on Earth as Paul said, and men hase to be so like they have no wife's ? Strange roles
    It's all about men in the O.T to !
    Wars constantly ? Oeps we dit again… Wow great to be born, perhaps to get rapped or killed, or handicap…ect all that ain't enjoy to live for like a Horror movie ! and after the 1000 years again the devil released ???? to do what..will be his number still 666 or 999 ! Can't get any clou of it why ?
    Maybe ist a hoax to put fear like horror writers like in there insane mind grr..

  18. Stay Tuned says:

    Next time they should make the Trump as Pilot.

  19. Lily Thomas says:

    Dislike just for hurting my ears from 5 ft away and my volume is low

  20. Georgia Martin says:

    passion of the Christ was pretty accurate