everyday life (rapture of the Church)

everyday life

—-rapture of the church—-


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  1. Tevin says:

    This is a very sobering clip

  2. End Time Millennial says:

    This is one of my favorite vids!

  3. wabi777 says:

    Wow like 10 years passed from when I first watched this video, and it's still such a powerful message! Great job again man!

  4. Jason Wayne says:

    Maybe tomorrow.

  5. William Joseph says:

    haven't viewed this video in years. Now that Donald Trump is the new anti-christ this might actually happen.

  6. tm lee says:

    I can't wait for that Day!!

  7. Star Cop says:

    Coming soon….

  8. Jerry Unger says:

    Great video. Jesus is coming soon.

  9. Jerry Unger says:

    Great video. Jesus is coming soon.

  10. Isaiah Spencer says:

    Best rapture video all day.

  11. Gugu Gagafettgehrat peniskopf says:

    And a sewing mashine…

  12. Liza Lopez says:

    open your eyes people Jesus CHRIST is the way the truth and the light and he the lord of lords is coming very soon.

  13. yolanda8604 says:

    I'm so happy I'm saved man..wow

  14. 32Spoiled says:

    proud to say that this was made by my brother ROBERT MCCOY.. and i am his BROTHER ANTHONY MCCOY.. LOOK AT THE CREDITS ON THE END …. ITS SAYS MY BROTHERS NAME

  15. Erich Rose says:

    im sharing this on Facebook

  16. Erich Rose says:


  17. Sea Ca says:

    Love this! I can't wait for the Lord!!! I'm watching waiting for you Lord Jesus!!

  18. charlie christian says:

    Aaaaeesome…im longing to go…love you all Gbu..hugs,carla from holland

  19. Stephanie777 says:

    Yay !!!!!! Awesome Praise the Lord !!!!!!

    Thanks for posting

  20. Deee Soulja says:

    love it!

  21. froilan frane says:

    thank You Lord..

  22. Charles Warlick says:

    Awesome! thanks for posting this.

  23. Here4Years says:

    An rather childish take on the rapture mythology.

  24. Gugu Gagafettgehrat peniskopf says:

    I can't stand it! Christians and Cartoons…2 things which just don't fit together xD

  25. Jeff Rich says:

    don't need to, joice. Jesus is our intercessor, not a priest, and the Bible also states to pray to the queen of heaven is an abomination.

  26. Joice Young says:

    well you might also want to study more about catholicism before accusing about "lies"

  27. ramir233 says:

    I know Christ is coming back only a second time and post tribulation. Go to my channel I have a video highlighted by a well known qualified pastor explaining everything in detail. Rapture is man invented, all i'm saying is people think they're being taken away before the great tribulation begins is false..the dead rise first then those alive are caught up AFTER the tribulation.

  28. Jeff Rich says:

    Brother, please ask God to reveal His truth to you in His Word, please study, look at Thessalonians,other books in the Bible, Christ is coming back to catch away His church, I am also aware of the lies of catholicism, but this is not one of them. Bless you, and I will pray for revelation for you.

  29. tavo5549 says:

    The bible and religion are making all of you crazy!

  30. Arthur Nunez says:

    God's words please.

  31. ramir233 says:

    We know the seasons Jesus is coming. After the signs. AFTER the tribulation.

  32. Emily Leetch says:

    I just read your comment and i was troubled so i went and did a little reading of my Bible. Plain as day Jesus( in Matthew 24) spells out how he is coming. He said He's coming like lightening, and He also said like a theif in the night. No one knows when hes coming and when he comes itll be very quick. He also says if anyone says "look there He is" that you shouldn't believe them. There isn't anyway I took the whole chapter of Matthew( and into chapter 25) out of context.

  33. Meet†heBible says:

    Matthew 13:30 the wicked are taken first. Don't be first people. No such thing as a rapture. It's not in the book. You can not show where we (Christians) leave earth if we are still alive when Jesus returns. Be blessed now,

  34. TheKingskid2010 says:

    Do you remember Jesus story about two men working in the field and one was taken and one left behind?