Ep 504: Mother in Heaven

Mother in Heaven

The LDS teach that God has a father who has a father who has a father, known as “an eternal regression of Gods.” Part of that eternal regression is that each God has a wife (or wives) by whom they populate the worlds with their spirit children. This wife is known as Heavenly Mother.
The origins of the doctrine within Mormonism can be traced back to Jospeh Smith, but the teaching did not become widely known until after Smith’s death in 1844. He produced the seed but future LDS leaders planted and watered and grew it into a doctrine.
This teaching is very unique to Mormonism. But where Heavenly Father is readily and constantly talked about, heavenly mother and heavenly parents are much less mention. Even in their Hymns they sing of heavenly mother. The LDS Church did not formally acknowledge the existence of a heavenly Mother until 1909, in a statement on the “origin of man” by the First Presidency. The Church later inferred the theology in the 1995 statement “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” In 2015, an official essay was published on the church website confirming that it is a part of church doctrine.
When it comes to Christianity the only real source of practice or belief that ties into the LDS view of a Mother in Heaven comes either from paganism and/or the Origin of Mary Worship ­ both having ties to the notion of a Queen in Heaven, which Jeremiah (7:16­20; 44:7­8) warned against by describing the Jews who had rebelled against God making cakes to “the queen of heaven.”
In my estimation all of this Mother in Heaven stuff, Queen of Heaven etc. is just another means to get human beings to take their eyes off the one single true and living God and to get us to include or to look to others.

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  1. Appolo Geticks says:

    Calvinism as it is in its primitive form is utter heresy, no question about it. It denies the sufficiency of Christ to save all mankind, it states that man is merely living out a pre programmed life and it states that God willfully chooses to bring s yet unborn, non existent people into the world solely for the purpose of burning them in hell for all eternity. Some forms of Arminianism are heretical as well, such as water baptismal salvation and instant apostasy.

  2. bayreuth79 says:

    Islam is not a monolith and as such there is no such thing as "Islam"; and therefore there is only really different interpretations of Islam. And since there is no official hierarchy or church no Muslim is accountable to an official reading. So one can't say that "Islam" is trying to take over the world. There might be some Muslims with that ambition; but they are certainly in the minority. Some Muslims are like everyone else: struggling to get through life, without time to consider world-conquest! I think we should be far more concerned about US hegemony on a global scale; the US is the real terrorist (as Chomsky says).

  3. oldwest517 says:

    Question: if there is such an emphasis on "being with Heavenly Father," how will Mormons get their own planets of which they will be gods? Is the celestial sphere only a waystation during which becomes a god and can then move from Heavenly Father's planet to their own?

  4. joan lantis says:

    so what did christians do before the catholic church gave them the new testament. what doctrines did they follow.

  5. joan lantis says:

    the scriptures point to nJesus as the new adam. it also points to mary as the new eve.

  6. Helen E says:

    Remarkably many muslims are having dreams about Jesus at the moment. Many of them have never read the Bible before. And as a result of the dream they receive Christ as they saviour, not just as one of their prophets.

    Seek God with all your heart and you will find him – either you are muslim, mormon. atheist or whatever you call yourself.