One of the clearest proofs that we are living in the last days, in the end times is that majority of professed believers in Jesus Christ are turning away from many truths in God’s Word, the Bible. The end time prophecies of the books of Daniel and Revelation especially spotlight a tremedous apostacy, a falling away, a departure from the pure Word of God in the final generation. The Second Coming is imminent but most are not ready. In this video I am going to share with you 13 Bible verses that even most Christians do not want to hear in these last days. Brace yourself because you are about to hear some powerful truths that may challenge your desires to truly follow Jesus in the end times. Only the truth can set you free! John 8:32



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  1. Bobbyjean Leblanc says:

    I want to live for Jesus,
    I need to live for Jesus,
    And i will live for Jesus.
    Therefore, I need and want to follow Jesus, will continue following Jesus, ⛪ as Jesus has always been there for all of us that ever reached out for him.

  2. Debby Copnell says:

    I will live for our grate king Jesus

  3. Terry Taylor says:

    Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy! Amen Thank-you Mark

  4. Terry Taylor says:

    I Want to Live for Christ! I Will Live for Jesus! Amen

  5. Terry Taylor says:

    I'm friend s W/ Dustin Prestin from "Hope Prophecies" and we both listen to BibleFlockBox…….. I love them both. I'm here to see what you have to say….. Sounding Great so Far. Thank-you for You!

  6. Clemence Mtunze says:

    Sabbath is the Lord's day

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    I will live for Jesus

  8. bobby sierra says:

    You all gave me a name before you met me…My name is not Jesus

  9. Sensai Stan says:

    I will live for Jesus!

  10. Adam Agustin says:

    So if your meaning of revelation chapter 3 verse 16 is true, what does it mean to be a cold Christan?

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  12. Jon Mansfield says:

    Hey Mark I need to find a church God bless you

  13. Quisno Rodonovich says:

    learn to bargain to trade communities away from cities. The God Culture has very good information on the end times 'the Solomons Gold' series is exemplary

  14. Susie Riopelle says:

    Sabbath is a holy day family and prayers love Jesus Amen

  15. Susie Riopelle says:

    I will live for Jesus Amen

  16. Matthew Aislabie says:

    Get to the points dude, dragged it out painfully

  17. Kenneth Collard says:

    i want to know a church in Las Vegas,Nevada that preach on Saturday the sabbath

  18. MrCliqueRida TFS says:

    here a verse people hate….GENESIS 25:25.. THE RED FLESH MAN they are the RUSSIAN,the German, the Roman, the WHITE MAN, the Asian, THE Spanish, the Australian, the FRENCH, the GREEK…the British.. TEN TOES…EDOM ESAU different shades of REDNESS> mixed EDOM the dukes with HORITES women and with canaan women and also with
    ishmalite woman………. shalom…

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  27. the REJECT out n about says:

    MOST are NOT hearing from GOD…we are not in the end times YET

  28. rae marie says:

    I claim Jesus and want the narrow path to his kingdom in heaven.

  29. Cheryl Page says:

    Mark,Will lukewarm believers make it in the kindom of heaven?

  30. Cheryl Page says:

    You are so right Mark!!! Thank you for sharing wth us I do believe and yes these are very scary things but I keep reminding myself that Jesus will take care of his children…he says he will take care of us and I know he will but it's hard being in the human flesh to think about all this but that is where FAITH comes in…sometimes it's hard for us to take all this in and it is scary and hard to understand but we have to have faith and just believe!

  31. Nicholas Kharumnuid says:

    We will live for Jesus

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    Sabbath still Holy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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