end of time- based on the verses from Mathew 24-bible prophecy

a short video based on the verses of Matthew 24:3-14 Jesus disciples wanted to know when the second coming of Jesus would be and the times of the end…

Brian M

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  1. applejack hope says:

    not even gonna watch….. it HURTS to LISTEN….. shame shame

  2. tillycupcake says:

    that was not benny hinns wife,that's been all over yt,and it's not her,sorry.don't believe everything you watch on yt.work out your own salvation with fear and trembling

  3. David Ciulla says:

    False preachers

  4. vanbasten85 says:

    The devil is not stupid god tells us in the bible he is powerful and more intelligent than any other living beings Apart obviously from Jesus and god himself who created him. Just like he created us.one thing we humans can't get through our thick brains Is that god doesn't owe us anything we owe him because he decide to set out of eternity and come and deal with us humans and save us by dying in the cross because that's the penalty of sin, but because Je died for us we dont have to experience d

  5. profetarmageddon says:

    every one of those preachers were not teaching truth and were of Antichrist-deceivers. Christ is coming very soon and there will be signs on the sun and moon and they will be from what is being called planet x or nibiru. the devil or the Sumerians used parts of truth as their words in a deception to keep people from GOD's truth
    Ive been in search for truth for 30 plus years, i found a lot of it from the teachings of walter veith's total onslaught.
    Jesus is coming this year either 5-21-or 10-21

  6. brown55061 says:

    Jesus said the temple would be destroyed, it was in 70 AD. He said the Apostles would be killed, they were. He said there would be wars, the Jerusalem revolt of 66 AD. Earthquakes in 61 AD (Laodicea) and 62 AD (Pompeii), false teachers (Theudas & Egyptian), gospel preached to the world (Matt 18:18-20)… and so on. History says prophecy was fulfilled.

    This video is premillenial crap. The NWO is trying to make these things happen to fool Americans into a faked 2nd coming. Study HISTORY!

  7. Sutskoen says:

    honestly? no, I don't see humanity getting over it…
    But I do think that those who survive the collective suicide of everyone else, might have their flaws curbed a bit

  8. Inga4020 says:

    Sutskoen, you have made a very apt point here. A homicidal maniac will indeed come very soon, but he will not show this trait initially. Religiousity is a funny thing; the personal beliefs or values of a person are rooted in a need to believe/hope or have faith in something. You have faith in science, but the misuse of science can be just as evil as anything else. What can temper the wickedness in the heart of men? Do you really see man getting over this fatal flaw?

  9. xIntoThePitx says:

    Uhmm sooo?? religions cause conflicts.. yadda yadda yadda. Athiests are the only winners… unless religious shit pulls them into nation vs nation war. But alteast an Athiest knows they're fighting for peace, and not for imaginary dogmas.

  10. PillsC2E says:

    Atheist here.

    This video was really good, religious views notwithstanding. It was pretty convincing and well-compiled. 5 Stars.

  11. Sutskoen says:

    yeah, hold on tight… a homicidal maniac will come soon… religion isn't the root of all evil, but religious people are the root of alot of it..

    Science flew us to the moon
    Religion flew us into skyscrapers

  12. JoshuaJames2 says:

    Oh, while I was thinking about this video today, I meant to mention that the music goes real well with the video, very haunting!

  13. JoshuaJames2 says:

    I really like the way you put this together…………… I got your video response request on my email but I have been having problems with them not showing up when I go to my account? I don't know what is happening…….

    Any ways, I like the way you put this together! God is good, hold on tight! It's truly right around the corner!