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Joe Biden currently stands a good chance of winning the presidency. He is a lifelong centrist, but could turn out to be the most ambitious Democratic president in generations. Read more here: https://econ.st/31Ammy6

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How the postal service has become vital to America’s elections: https://econ.st/3a5fV9T

Would a Biden administration be softer than Trump on China? https://econ.st/2Pgbcsm

How Joe Biden might change policy towards Latin America: https://econ.st/3a8FVBd

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Universal basic income is gaining momentum in America: https://econ.st/2DCDY3T

Data: the places most severely affected by covid-19 in America: https://econ.st/30nYMFl

Read our article about America’s backwards coronavirus strategy: https://econ.st/30m7bJ9

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  1. I M says:

    Total destruction!

  2. Tyler W says:

    Let’s go Brandon.

  3. Naoyyy says:

    After seeing him now, we want trump back. Let’s go Brandon

  4. John Fogle says:

    WoW hE iS fIxiNg ThE uS bYe KiLlInG bAbIsE BeFoRe ThEy ArE BoArn! Yo biden he is the worst

  5. Rodney Weber says:

    Looking at this now…. Let's go Brandon

  6. Tommy The Train says:

    Let's go Brandon

  7. xDANIEDx says:

    You spelled destroyed wrong you roaches.

  8. bruce baker says:

    Build Back Better = Botched Beyond Belief Let's Go Brandon!

  9. Jason says:

    2021, how's that working out?

  10. Trinh Tuyet says:

    Trump in Thanksgiving: Visits troops in Afghanistan
    Biden: Chillin with his family in a mansion made from American's taxes

  11. neal baker says:

    10s of thousands afghans and millions of South America into the United States, Biden is trying to stop white rule and that will be the end of this great country.

  12. Sale3378 says:

    The day you voted for him entire world was laughing at you…

  13. Lao Tzu says:

    This did not age well! Biden has become the worst rated president in American history!

  14. R J E says:

    Joe Biden made America the strongest Leader of the free world.. everyone loves him ..if he picks Brian Stelter or Chris Cuomo as his running mate..they will double the strong economic progress

  15. SirLink96 says:

    Well, this aged like milk lol

  16. Finster says:

    I wonder if The Economist would like to take their prediction of wonderful things back now. Dull candidates work well for the Taliban, China, and Russia. But they don’t work really well for Americans. How are those hour wait times at half full restaurants (open at 100% capacity) working out for ya? How can Biden become the ambitious leader you’ve described when he can’t even stay awake?

  17. i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- says:

    Let's go brandon

  18. Jessica Mai says:

    All lies – more of the same – more corporate give sways & control,

  19. Ditkazbearz2 says:

    What biden meant is the end of America

  20. Ditkazbearz2 says:

    Biden is the worst of the worst

  21. Ditkazbearz2 says:

    More like how Biden destroyed America

  22. RayytheHomeyy says:

    Yea so our country have been destroyed by Brandon and the bunch.

  23. Robert Browne says:

    Remove the word “change” insert word “destroy”!

  24. Mehmet Yildirim says:

    child murderer america eats and exploits other countries…..

  25. Robert Lee Aka Cancel-Proof says:

    You see the thing about being a leader is it requires somebody to be following so he doesn't meet the qualifying criteria not by a long shot

  26. Fenris Wolf says:

    What does it mean… bankruptcy and failure…

  27. Paul Schmidt says:

    1 year after this video was made America is broke no food he's mandating America firing American workers. He got rid of energy ifficient for us. And there is plenty of more to Wright

  28. sicc_playboys_13 says:

    ruining America

  29. frank sigwart says:

    Victory means the horrible mess we are in, thanks Brandon.

  30. Calvin Durham says:

    Biden and this farce of an administration is the worst in the history of politics.

  31. David Curtis says:

    Joe Biden has been a disaster so far. But I guess it's easy to win when you rig the election

  32. Christopher C. Morgan says:

    Fu biden

  33. motard126 says:

    This didn’t age well. This man has almost destroyed this country and has the lowest approval rating of the last 3 presidents and it keeps getting worse. The only way Trump won’t beat Biden in 2024 is if the Democrats cheat.

  34. Artem Shevtsov says:

    Well this aged well

  35. machinist1337 says:

    This video did not age well.

  36. 12mrmajestic says:

    Every time this guy gets around anything, the roof caves in. The border crisis, Afghanistan, Covid, energy independence, runaway inflation. At least we don't have any mean tweets, right? Even Obama said he F things up. It's 2021 right now and Biden is in the toilet.

  37. Viranko says:

    I just can't believe sleepy won. Right now I know half the people who voted for him regret voting for him. He is the worst president ever

  38. David Bishop says:

    Planning for more plandemics

  39. TOM Pensak says:

    Sleepy joe is the iceberg and we are the titanic

  40. Ceasar369 says:

    I wish the media was honest the world wouldn't have been destroyed by Biden

  41. Ceasar369 says:

    I wish the media was honest the world wouldn't have been destroyed by Biden.

  42. John Person says:

    You all still proud of this idiot?

  43. fraser miller says:

    Oh well that went down great

  44. Gabriel Herman says:


  45. Mike Silsby says:

    Yeah let’s look back… he is tearing it apart even more