Don’t Miss Your Purpose | Pastor Steven Furtick

What are you talking yourself out of right now that God is trying to bring you into?

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  1. J Lightning says:

    So a lot of the time I’ve been trying to figure out my purpose in this world, and I ask god all the time what is the path you’ve set for me? And after watching this video I’ve come to realize that I talk myself out of so many things in life because I’m afraid to expand my horizons and afraid of failure and I’ve become discouraged with this lack of doing things and then I’ve turned it into god obviously isn’t looking out for me, so starting tonight I’m going to expand my horizons, and talk myself into things as opposed to out of them

  2. Silvana Valderrama says:

    7:30 I want to live by this daily when I talk to people (even strangers)

  3. Grace Makanaka Sakara says:

    This message is the next step I needed in my life. To encourage myself in the Lord. Somehow I lacked this. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Jenna Sager says:

    Steven Furtick is truly annointed!! His words resonate in my soul every single time. Thank you for walking your purpose Steven. You're a mouthpiece for our Father indeed.

  5. Boris Ivanov says:

    I love this sermon.

  6. notthat14u2no says:

    Thank you so much for your sermon! As Tyler Perry says "…climb and maintain…" this helps me maintain

  7. Snehal Pandharbale says:

    All glory to God and thank u SF to wash my brain through this heartouching words of God… which make me learn to talk with myself into it… with his word which will motivate me courage me……. ohhh what mighty God we serve

  8. Jeni Rain says:

    Encourage yourself for Jesus aa always The Lord is my fortress Ten thousand shall fall at my right hand but NONE shall cone nigh to me

  9. June Wong says:

    God speaks right into my heart through this. He knows what I am thinking about! Oh my God!

  10. Timothy McCrary says:

    Do you WANT to be healed ?

  11. Cassiah Lee Holland says:

    I love this guy!! He's awesome!! I can feel Gods words thru him deep down in my bones.. he's also funny.. God Bless!!

  12. james price says:

    God revealed himself to me recently. I don’t even have words to describe how impactful your sermons are to me & for so many others. God Bless you man.

  13. Zhi write says:

    You are an awesome pastor. I look forward each week to hear from you

  14. kartik lugaria says:

    Your videos help a lot, a lot. Please continue to do this good work sir.

  15. Bernique Pople says:

    Every second of that sermon was fire!

  16. beatrice sokaliey says:

    "Tell yourself how you feel instead of asking" There's such a big difference in asking and telling and that can really change people perspective of life. Thank you

  17. Vicky Reeves says:

    Brother, thank you so very much for this. I've struggled w/ this for years and through God's grace and mercy am learning to heed to his voice and understanding.

  18. Fit Jeremy says:

    We spend too much time listening to ourself and not enough time talking to ourself