Does Greek Orthodoxy Believe in Speaking in Tongues?

It is one of the most debated aspects across the different denominations of Christianity – the practice of glossolalia, colloquially known as “speaking in tongues” or a “heavenly language.” It is practiced predominantly by the Pentecostal Church but is it a belief that has a place in Greek Orthodoxy?

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Recorded & Edited by Demos Euclid

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Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Rochester NY

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  1. Jonathan Williams says:

    That telavagilist is NOT speaking in tongues
    That is just gibberish without interpretation
    There is also a prayer language, which is not interpreted but it is supposed to be private
    I used to not believe in speaking in tongues until I saw it happen and there was this quite that came first, and that convinced me it wasn’t being faked

  2. Nik S says:

    Glosolalia is one of the gifts that stop to exists and that is what Orthodoxy believes. Is writte in the New Testament. No more glosolalia.