Doctrines of Satan (Al Jilwah, Qu-ret Al-Yezid, Peace Be On Him, Satan's Poems)

In this video you will be viewing the Al-Jilwah which is the most holy doctrine in Satanism, two messages from Satan and three poems which hold secrets from Satan to humanity. These are for you to find through research and dedication. One source i can give you is the site.


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  1. Christopherson Channel says:

    the truth will set you free, thanks for sharing

  2. Anthony Roberts says:

    This is a sacred text to the Yezidis people.. Stop fighting over who created the universe and ourselves and claiming that your God is the only God, self righteousness is not a virtue.. This predates the Koran.

  3. Jesse B says:

    funny how they put this happy music in the background to subconsciously attack you. satan is a great deceiver. king of earth. not king of heaven. God is showing the angels why satan can not be the most high. he can't run this world so what makes you think he can run heaven. you must be insane to believe this lie of lies.

  4. j l says:

    Funny how those of Christian faith wander off into Satan's readings. As if they find no truth in their instilled beliefs. Yet panic at the sight of the truth, and run to the shelter of their Christian lies…

  5. Razor M says:

    house of ac kn,don't listen to these peoples,they're brainwashed by a evil book.keep spreading the doctrines ☺

  6. LilithMacLeod says:


  7. rania persona says:

    THERES ONLY ONE GOD . GOD OF LIGHT . Lucifer is deceiving you he's evil come on blind people wake up !

  8. Danny Smugs says:

    Hail father Enki

  9. 34103070674978532046 says:

    Adams first wife was Lilith and remember: God did not want to humans to think for themselves (referring to the first chapter of Genesis)

  10. Brandon Correa says:


  11. Blither box says:

    The difference between Satan and Lucifer besides the fall is that one informs the animal and the other is animal.

  12. levi leerveri says:

    hello my brothers and sisters i would love to discuss spirituality with you all and gain more knowlage so if any of you are willing to help me attain more knowlage email me

  13. Bilal Hasanagić says:


  14. Sulabah Davis says:

    Praise be to Lord Enki

  15. Omar Hameed says:

    What a load of utter nonsense.

  16. osuushiza8 says:

    "he is malevolent, not omnipotent". 😐

  17. osuushiza8 says:

    Love conquers ALL.

  18. Syed Mahadi says:

    Shame on you people.

  19. Consumer12390 says:

    Why is this being self ascribed as Shaitan or Satan? Isn't that demeaning?

  20. Tyrel Pepper says:

    Wait just a minute, you would rather follow and worship someone that is a goat and comes from the lake of fire or someo who is an all loving god that forgives , and also who is the bad guy, the one who loves us all equally no matter what crime or or a rebellious twisted goat mixed demon. I think I know who I would rather…Jesus Christ

  21. Myziam says:

    dont come around looking for stuff like this and talk badly about it. you wouldnt go into a biker bar and shout something to piss of (big and mean) bikers.

  22. Myziam says:

    no but dont bash when you go looking purpousful

  23. Myziam says:

    then why are you even here?


    In the name of Satan, his excellency Lucifer, I command the forces of darkness and the infernal power within.!!

    In nomine dei nostri,Satanas Lucerfi excelsi!!