Deception in the Church – Part 4 – False doctrines of the Faith Movement – Session 1

Seminar by Louis Reyneke

14 September 2019


Last Trumpet Teaching Ministry

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  1. promaster says:

    i am curious of this preachers definition of repentance and what he considers as what it takes to be saved…..

  2. promaster says:

    good stuff….very interesting………

  3. Gloria J Leese says:

    Starting @13;28-14:34 "Spot On"…wow sure did help me to understand someone that i have tried to get him away from Kenneth Hagin's teachings that lives in SA…he will not budge…and it breaks my heart. If he listens to Hagin…who else has deceived him and his family of friends.

  4. Esther Reyna says:

    I'm really listening, but it seems to me that u r also twisting what they say. However I do t listen to Copland or hagen

  5. Debbie Burton says:

    Thank you

  6. *Sunshine* says:

    Cant wait for the spiritual warfare lecture!!!! I come from a NAR WOF movement type church and im still unlearning the lies and deception.. thanks!!!!