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Bible Mission Sannidhi Bible Mission 40 days Moses Fasting Prayers .Rev Dr Vajra Kumar is GBM (Governing Body Member) of The Bible Mission, which is also called Bible Mission, and founder of Sannidhi Sampada.
Rev Dr Vajra Kumar is the senior pastor of Bible Mission Deva Mandiram, Vaddiparru, Rajahmundry was founded by Pastor Prabhu Dasu ayyagaru.
You can also watch our Bible Mission – Deva Mandiram Vaddiparru, Rajahmundry LIVE services on this channel. By “Bible Mission Live”.
About Bible Mission and Rev Dr Vajra Kumar:
On 31st January of 1938, when Father. M. Devadas ayyagaru sat in prayer, a great radiance from heaven filled the room. Then the letters in Telugu, “The Bible Mission” appeared, the Lord instructed Devadas ayyagaru to start God’s Mission with a set of principles & practices.
Rev Dr Vajra Kumar trainee of Rev J John Selvaraj ayyagaru Father of Rev Dr J Samuel Kiran Vice- President, Executive of Bible Mission Kakani Thota, Guntur.
Mother. Neelima trainee of Rev Dr Sudarshan Rao ayyagaru Father of Rev Dr N J Sharon Kumar and Rev Dr N Vijaya Raju, Executive of Bible Mission Rajahmundry.
Rev Dr Vajra Kumar and Mother. Neelima working for Bible Mission Nachugunta, Tadepalligudem as Governing Body Member – GBM and Sannidhi Stree.
Our Bible Mission Nachugunta, Tadepalligudem Officials are:
Apostle Rev Dr P Sajeeva Rao ayyagaru, President Bible Mission and Executive of Bible Mission Narsapuram, palakollu.
Rev A Daiva Rao, Vice- President Bible Mission and Executive of Bible Mission Tadepalligudem, son of Rev A John ayyagaru
Rev Y I D Emmanuel, secretary Bible Mission, executive of Bible Mission Eluru.
Rev G R Emmanuel Raju, Joint Secretary Bible Mission, Executive of Bible Mission Peddapuram, Kakinada.

The Bible Mission

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