David Pawson "Israel in Romans 11" — 21/02/15

David Pawson’s “Israel in the New Testament”

In our library we have a 5 DVD set on “Israel in the New Testament”. It covers Matthew, Acts, Romans, Romans 11, Hebrews and Revelation.

As the New Zealand agent for David Pawson, we are making David Pawson’s message on Romans 11 freely available. The others are just as worthwhile and we recommend you consider this week’s special offer enabling you to purchase the series at a discount. Normally retailing for $99, we are selling the set this week only for just $60 if within New Zealand, but for $60 plus postage if outside New Zealand.

You can buy through our e-commerce website: www.inspirational.org.nz
or through the post at PO Box 12577, Penrose, Auckland, 1642.

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  1. Louise Engels says:

    This the Writer of Unlocking the Bible?

  2. Bible Study 777 says:

    Last days are now! Seek Jesus and get your house in order!!! Please share!! https://youtu.be/Pvqzn8LY4LA

  3. Caroline Markey says:

    wow thank you,this as give me so much more clarity, great teaching brother,God bless you always Amen Amen and Amen

  4. George Fisher says:

    this man is a sycophant who apparently has never read about the lack of Distinction between Jew and Gentile in the New Testament. Paul's numerous assertions about the lack of distinction between New and gentile (outside of Christ as sinners, in Christ as one NEW man, and during the salvific transaction of reconciliation [see Ephesians 3]) is the reason the jews hated, dogged the path of and sought earnestly to kill that little turncoat from Tarsus. We no longer know ANY man according to the flesh. Only someone who's constantly fingering the Dispensationalist rosary can listen to this clap-trap without vomitting.

  5. One New Man Institute says:

    Hello Sir,

    I truly loved Israel in the Book of Romans Part 3a. Now I have to find the other 9 "Surprises in Romans 11".