Dale Ratzlaff: Three Adventist Doctrines that Compromise the Gospel

Dale Ratzlaff is the founder of Life Assurance Ministries, Inc., which publishes Proclamation! magazine, and LAM Publications, LLC. He was a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist and pastored in the church for 13 years, seven of which he spent as a Bible teacher at Monterey Bay Academy, La Selva Beach, California.

Near the end of his doctoral program at Andrews University in the 1980’s, Dale did an in-depth study of the investigative judgment and the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary, events which Adventists teach began in 1844. Becoming convinced he could no longer teach this doctrine in clear conscience, he and his wife Carolyn left the Adventist denomination.

He published Sabbath in Crisis (now updated and republished under the name Sabbath in Christ) in 1990. In 1996 he published The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists, and in 2000 he produced his third book, The Truth about Seventh-day Adventist Truth, which was revised and republished in 2005, in 2008, and again in 2010. In 2006 Dale released his audio-autobiography, Adventist to Christian, which is now in print and entitled Truth Led Me Out. His wife Carolyn has also published her autobiography, My Cup Overflows.
Dale and Carolyn reside in Casa Grande, Arizona.


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  1. Peter Rappit says:

    a believers works will account for the reward that they receive when they stand before Christ Jesus o the Day of Judgement. the greater the works the greater the crown they will receive.

  2. Peter Rappit says:

    Amen, colsome miah, Amen.

  3. Stefan M V says:

    Can Author of video add a link to a document that contains the references. I have a family member that after attending a turbulent mainline protestant church for years, has become so troubled that now is seriously attending and considering joining the SDA church.

  4. Peter Rappit says:

    Today's question is one of the most important ones that I can ever ask, and it is: What does the Enemy hate the most regarding a believer in Christ Jesus?

  5. Peter Rappit says:

    But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.

  6. Peter Rappit says:

    Sunday is the day that pleases the Father of Mercies.

  7. Peter Rappit says:

    catholic with a small c. The holy catholic church consists of believers of all nations colours creeds and cultures.

  8. Peter Rappit says:

    Peter Rappit is referring to SDA, Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons, Christadelphians, Armstrongism,

  9. Peter Rappit says:

    all the cults have no hope because they deny the Only Begotten of the Father.

  10. Sunny Olsen says:

    There is a cult for everyone! Amazing how many ways there are to twist the Bible away from the true reading!
    I was part of the William Branham Message, which is also a mind control cult and uses fear tactics and laws to hold members.
    Analyzing Scofield by Chaarles Weston did a great job of exposing many errors in these odd Bible teachings of today.

  11. Axe at the root says:

    It completely breaks my heart to know that so many still follow SDA false doctrine.

  12. Gabrielle Browne says:

    Congratulations Mate, you are a fulfilment of prophecy, those who once fellowshiped will become the most bitterest opponents, and you have more to fear from within than from without, any of those ring a bell 🙂 scoffers and mockers………….

  13. Peter Rappit says:

    only those of the holy catholic and apostolic church will see God

  14. Peter Rappit says:

    the apostle Paul was the mouthpiece of Christ Jesus and I shall see him in Heaven

  15. Peter Rappit says:

    Excellent video…

  16. Peter Rappit says:

    Walk in love and you will fulfill all the commandments of the Law

  17. Holland Hollywood says:

    This guy is trying so hard to make it look as though the SDA Church is built on the shoulders of Ellen White. So he feels that destroying her will destroy all the truths they teach. HOGWASH.

  18. M. Sheridan says:

    Excellent presentation.

    Go to the Facebook group: "Edwin Cotto of the Adventist Defense League, Marcos Thaler et al EXPOSED" and see –

    A RESPONSE BY Kerry Wynne






    Lying for God version 10.4
    The false arguments of Cotto and Knudson are addressed.
    The history of Adventism is strewn with deception, double talk, contradictory teachings, denials of Jesus Christ and occultism


  19. Peter Rappit says:

    AWAKE to righteousness and sin not. Lisa B

  20. Peter Rappit says:

    Dennis Kean, you must get born again.

  21. creeper46 says:

    How can a individual who has been persuaded by the teachings of SDAventism, continue to live any longer therein? If the individual is honest with themselves, they must be true to conscience and take a stand against the erroneous ideas of EGW. If they don't want to at least investigate what is being shared here to see if what is being shared is so, they are truly under the delusion of another spirit that prevents them from being true to conscience. For you my friend, I offer a simple prayer of release from this spirit of delusion…………I am one of the few believers who don't believe that you need to leave the group, but stay and become a bearer of light to those who still dwell in darkness………………..Shalom!

  22. Peter Rappit says:

    the Law demands but grace freely gives…

  23. 5winder says:

    I've not been in a cult, but since I was saved, I am fascinated by them. I'm glad there is help for SDA members, as that shunning can be vicious. God bless you all.

  24. David Saunders says:

    @dennis keane typical newcomer comment dennis. you need to read Paul`s epistles until you REALLY understand them. gospel freedom from the law is not a license to sin…
    rather it is a powerful incentive NOT to sin, as love & gratitude for God`s graciousness
    now constrains us to keep the ROYAL LAW of love. the Christian`s LAW is now the Golden
    Rule of love. the old covenant law could not produce obedience since it required us to
    produce a love for God on demand, something we are unable to do.