D.A. Carson on Seminary, Theology, and The Gospel Coalition – Pastor Well | Episode 11

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Hosted by pastor-scholar Hershael York, the Pastor Well Podcast offers a wellspring of wisdom from pastors, teachers and ministry leaders about the insights learned from a life of faithful ministry.

In the Season 1 finale episode of the Pastor Well Podcast, Dr. York sits down with D.A. Carson to discuss seminary, theology, and The Gospel Coalition.

Southern Seminary

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  1. Julio Rodriguez says:

    As someone who does audio and visual production, I want to ask why those microphones are shaking so much?

  2. Tanner Pittman says:

    I've got the book *Exegetical Fallacies*. It's tremendous.

  3. Dean Treloar says:

    Gracious, I hope a pop filter can be procured for Dr. York's microphone. Every "p" pronunciation in headphones is like a kick in the eardrums.

  4. John Doss says:

    Really appreciated the interview, especially Carson’s brief description of his fathers ministry. Reminded me so much of many pastors and missionaries in Toman-Catholic Austria who minister tirelessly in little churches

  5. Alpha Chaser says:

    Anytime his YouTube Appears on my ipad, I always listen to it because I learn so many things about theology and the Bible. I a.m from the Philippines and I Hunger to know more about God’s Word. Thank God for He gave US people like D.A. Arson.

  6. Alpha Chaser says:

    D.a. Carson is really a giant In theology and Evangelical circles and yet he remains a humble man of God.