CNN’s God’s Christian Warriors — Russell Johnson

Short clip about gay marriage

Jeremy Hooper

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  1. Byron Motley says:

    Thanx! Now I don't feel like a lone voice in this wicked wilderness! Speak on Christian soldier!

  2. Byron Motley says:


  3. t4705mb6 says:

    Notice the smarmy SMIRK on Russell Johnsons face when he says the bill wasn't 'against anything'.
    Depriving consenting adults of their U.S. Constitutional rights is a hate crime perpetuated by the ignorant/stupid who "believe" in a "god" or "gods" (bedtime stories for the childlike).
    A married "man & woman" enjoy OVER 1,000 government "perks" by LAW while gay couples recieve LESS than 250 of those RIGHTS!!
    This is SHEER organized BIGOTRY.
    DON'T allow "stupids" to govern!

  4. chris080270 says:

    I was a member of "Pastor" Russell Johnson's church some years ago — this man is a liar and a worthless political hack! He repeatedly told lies to his own congregation and to the press, all the while using the pulpit for his far-right views and to support his pet political candidates! He eventually left the church in 2007 amid major financial problems for the congregation, and moved on to Bedford, Indiana. Avoid getting involved with this man at all costs — he will ruin you and your church!