Church History Volumes 1 to 8

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Church History

History of the Christian Church Volumes 1 to 8 by Philip Schaff

Vol 1: Apostolic Christianity A.D. 1-100: 596 Pages
Vol 2: Ante-Nicene Christianity A.D. 100-325: 623 Pages
Vol 3: Nicene & Post-Nicene Christianity A.D. 311-600: 654 Pages
Vol 4: Mediaeval Christianity A.D. 590-1073: 508 Pages
Vol 5: The Middle Ages A.D. 1049-1294: 491 Pages
Vol 6: The Middle Ages A.D. 1294-1517: 450 Pages
Vol 7: Modern Christianity: The German Reformation: 447 Pages
Vol 8: Modern Christianity: The Swiss Reformation: 550 Pages

Church History is an ‘Encyclopedia or Wikipedia’ of Bible Resources; it’s a resource fact book.

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