Christianity Is a Hoax Born Of The Islamic Religion of Babylon

The aim was power and control by kings who implemented it for the purpose of creating a force to defeat their enemies. Only when the entire country was subdued and under the spell of their approved gods could armies be raised and men encouraged to die on battle fields. This was buried behind a huge wall of deceit from which Christianity emerged. The New Testament was written for the Catholic Church to Implement its laws.

The establishment of Christianity as a force of control was extensively worked on over many years after Constantine implemented it in 325 AD. His goal was to have a parliament of bishops with power over various parts of the Roman Empire through local priests that were essential for him as sole ruler of it.

He deposed several other emperors after the main two retired. He is known to have murdered at least 3 of them including his eldest son Crispus , who died a year before the church was established.

Nothing was left to stand in his way as he cunningly sought to rid the world of any likely successor from among his relatives and the families of other emperors. The slaughter that took place over the years of his reign may even rival those killed under Hitler.

The torture and suffering he enforced is noted in the decrees that have survived. This is the man whom the Vatican later ordained as a saint. He is also the one credited with bringing Christianity to the fore. Through lies, plagiarism, fake gods, and incredible stories surrounded by mysteries they have duped the world.

Following my reincarnation and with knowledge that the real God is the spirit of the universe my research was extensive. It unravelled the roots of all religion in Islam and Babylon and the Catholic Church is the continuation of it.

Its chief God is Mary, which is the name of the sun in that city. Constantine reinstated her as the Mother of God instead of the Mother God. When one examines it, however, the hoax is there for anyone to see. If God has a mother, then she had to come first which makes her the greater God. That is why the symbolism used in the church is all about the sun.

From the blazing star on the robes of priests to that of the Eucharist and other symbols it is unmistakable. Mary is the entity to which priests are married and must, therefore, remain celibate. It is also the reason why women cannot take on that role. The evidence against it is astounding and in the open but people who are blinded by faith fail to see it.

By Norma Holt

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