Christian Tag – Part 1 | Favorite Bible Verse | Denominations | Favorite Song

This week I partnered with several Christian YouTubers to do the Christian Tag! In this tag, I answer questions about my favorite bible verse, my view on denominations, favorite hymn, baptism, and much more!

Christian Tag Playlist:

Christian Tag questions:
1. What is your testimony? Who were you before Christ and who are you now?
2. What is your favorite Bible verse? Why? What does that mean to you?
3. What denomination are you? What are your beliefs on denominations in the church?
4. What is your favorite Christian song or hymn?
5. What kind of church do you attend? What are the main beliefs of your church?
6. What is your favorite Christian book besides the Bible?
7. Have you been baptized? When/how? What was your personal experience?
8. What is your favorite book in the bible and verse in that book?
9. What is your favorite thing about your church?
10. What do you feel is the biggest struggle in the church today?
11. How do you openly share your faith?
12. What is a Bible verse that gives you the most hope?
13. What is a belief of yours that usually most of those in the Christian Church disagree with?
14. Have you read the full Bible? If so how long did it take you?
15. Do you use a devotional? If so what kind? How do you make sure keep on track in Gods word?
16. How do you view politics and your religion?
17. If you could meet Jesus right now, what would be your first action and first question?
18. What is the silliest prayer you’ve prayed? And oddest place you have prayed?
19. How do you bring prayer into your daily life? What are you views on healing and praying in tongues?
20. Are you ready if Jesus were to come tomorrow?

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I’m a 27 year old husband, father, and youth pastor. I have a Bachelors in Information Technology and I’m working toward my Masters in Theology. I grew up agnostic but came to faith after I got married and my wife drug me to a church, the church I now work at. Jesus completely flipped my life upside down, it wasn’t instant and I had a lot of questions but He changed my life. If you are in a similar place, I’d love to connect with you. Comment on any of my videos or connect with me on social above!

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  1. Mom & Wifey Vlogs says:

    Thats one of my fave verses.
    I got baptized when i was pregnant lol
    God bless

  2. Weightless Soul says:

    Great video!! I enjoyed both parts 1 and 2! Great Answer!

  3. Jared Humphers says:

    Awesome video! Good answers.

  4. Clueless Mama D says:

    That's one of my favourite songs too. I listen to my books too. Can't wait for part 2

  5. Tiffiney LAMAR says:

    Lol at the hard hitting questions and I should have read thru before volunteering!!! I know right!!!! I just laughed out loud soooo loudly!!! Wait until you hear mine!!! I actually thought twice, three times, four times before doing this!!! LOL

  6. WayneWrz says:

    Love Rend Collective and their song My Lighthouse (and pretty much anything they do).

  7. Mo Primal says:

    Always the first viewer. still loving your videos.