Christian Single Living

As a Christian single living in this generation there are many new challenges that arise. We are exposed to a lot more through media and technology and we have access to a wide array of resources both good and bad. At the same time we are expected to live according to the highest standards and to be a silent example to others in how we live.

It is definitely hard to live single as a Christian because we face all of the same tests and temptations that most woman living single face including sex, idleness, adultery, fornication, loneliness etc. We are human too and most of us have the desire to love and to be loved.

The Law of Attraction and Living a Christian Single Life

It can be very difficult to keep the faith and to belief in having a caring partner by your side through your good times and your bad times. When my husband first left for Army boot camp training, I found myself thinking very negative thoughts at times and going through some periods of depression. While this can happen, it is important to not stay in moods like this.

I believe in the law of attraction, where the energy that you release into the universe is the energy that you will attract back into your life. This spiritual concept can be practiced and utilized for good for all people including those living a Christian single life today.

When we go through these periods of difficulty, challenge and temptation remember that living single as a Christian allows for the opportunity to grow closer in our relationship with God. There is more time to meditate in Prayer, there is more time to study your bible and there is more time to go out, travel and see all of the natural wonders of God.

By Soni Krzyzanowski

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