Christian Sex Ideas For Spicing it Up!

Christian sex should be fun, exciting, with lots of variety! Unfortunately many couples easily get into a rut with intimacy, or just don't realize the variety which is available with Christian sex practice.

Here are excellent ways to spice things up:

  • Location, location, location! What a difference switching up location can make. Taking off for a night to a hotel or going camping somewhere romantic are easy options for switching up location. Or simply having sex in a different area of ​​the house can also work.
  • Christian sex toys . There are acceptable toys you can use for intimacy as Christians. One of the simplest intimacy aids are oils and lotions. These can be great for adding an exciting erotic element to sex.
  • New positions, techniques. Many Christians believe they are seriously restricted when it comes to technique or positions. They are actually many positions available for Christian couples, and many techniques. Just be sure to keep things safe and make sure you both agree on your practices so neither of you are uncomfortable.
  • Intimacy Guides and Manuals. There are intimacy manuals written specifically for Christians! These are excellent because they answer all common questions couples have, and they provide you with many, many fresh and exciting ways to get intimate with one another and have exciting, mind blowing sex!

Always remember, sex is a very important aspect for Christian couples. If there is anything lacking or if you feel you could turn up the heat even more, then definitely take the time to find and implement erotic excitement into your relationship.

By Chess McDoogle

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